(D) NGOC Summer 2x2 Relay Start List

Saturday 13 July 2024 Competitor Statistics (Total=55, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Team Name Start Time
Open (55)
18214525Steve Williams M65 NGOCGBR BestWilltba
8180362Greg Best M60 NGOCGBR tba (h)
28467600Ginny Hudson W60 NGOCGBR tba (h)
38129803Julia Wilkinson W65 HOCGBR Fab Frogstba
2064223Michael Wilkinson M65 HOCGBR tba
4947191James Wilkinson M21 NGOCGBR tba
58201099Finley Goddard M14 QOGBR Control freakstba
2096722Hannah Agombar W14 NGOCGBR tba
68230357Jackie Hallett W65 BOKGBR Hallettstba
8050663Clive Hallett M60 BOKGBR tba
78657440David Palmer M75 BOKGBR Retrorunnerstba
8376543Laurence Gossage M70 BOKGBR tba
102302829Don Cload M75 NGOCGBR tba (h)
118505649Richard Davies M60 HOCENG Gloster Old SPLOTstba
8676072Clive Caffall M60 NGOCGBR tba
12444878Sarah Bryce W55 NGOCGBR Ten4Efforttba
1262197Hilary Nicholls W55 NGOCGBR tba
138180459Alan Pucill M65 NGOCENG tba (h)
148490803Judith Taylor W55 NGOCGBR SwiftTaylorstba (h)
8490904Rob Taylor M55 NGOCGBR tba (h)
158037174Seth Lawson M16 NGOCGBR Lawson outingtba
8670602Vanessa Lawson W50 NGOCGBR tba
16750018Neil Albert M50 NGOCFRA tba
178160512Zebedee Harlock-Askew M12 NGOCGBR Team A to Ztba
8160513Alexander Harlock-Askew M12 NGOCGBR tba
188160511James Askew M65 NGOCGBR tba
19236197Alex Agombar W45 NGOCGBR Leckhampton Loperstba
2142087Tom Agombar M45 NGOCGBR tba
20342253Christine Farr W45 SWOCGBR Double Dragonstba
203314Douglas Innes-Farr M14 SWOCGBR tba
212049784Duncan Innes M60 SWOCCYM tba
228670601Christine Wilson W50 NGOCGBR Scrambled Legstba
8657540Doug Wilson M55 NGOCGBR tba (h)
238210257Christopher Kelsey M65 BOKGBR Kelseystba
8290157Helen Kelsey W65 BOKGBR tba
248091006Robin Irwin M16 SBOCCYM Irwins tba
8047878Bethan Irwin W45 SBOCCYM tba
25442428John Bass M14 HOCGBR Double Basstba
408434Julian Bass M60 HOCGBR tba
268040358Andy Creber M65 NGOCGBR tba
278657408Owain Jones M40 BOKGBR Owain & Iaintba
8129909Iain Large M35 BOKGBR tba
288667564Craig Thompson M16 HOCGBR HOC Craig and Simontba
8011242Simon Thompson M55 HOCGBR tba
292120582Libby Mawer W16 INDGBR Team Pepitotba
8668921Richard Mawer M50 BAOCGBR tba
30TF HireTom Johansson M16 NGOCGBR Rough and Readytba
8021078Scott Johnson M45 NGOCGBR tba
311180373Max Johansson M18 NGOCGBR Need for speedtba
8468648Anders Johansson M50 NGOCGBR tba
328347347Ian Prowse M70 NGOCGBR The SuzIanstba (h)
8047047Suzanne Harding W60 NGOCGBR tba
331217702Andrew Stott M65 NGOCENG tba
34HireNye and Eira Stott W10 INDCYM tba
358632901Gwen Tanner W60 BOKGBR tba

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