The Hallam Chase Start List

Tuesday 28 May 2024 Competitor Statistics (Total=87, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
3.25 miles / 800 ft (87)
43Mark Baker M50 Sheffield RCGBR
50Matthew Barcroft MSEN Dronfield RCGBR
51Chris Basford M40 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
86Russell Beresford M60 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
7Scott Blanks M45 Totley ACGBR
81Derek Brailsford M75 Hallamshire HarriersGBR
24Alexander Briggs MSEN Steel City Striders RCGBR
71Matt Broadhead M45 Steel City Striders RCGBR
28Eleanor Bull WSEN Steel City Striders RCGBR
37Richard Bulmer M55 Totley ACGBR
35Matthew Burden M40 Totley ACGBR
84Ben Burrell MSEN Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
29Ethan Butler MSEN Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
60Steve Canning M40 Sheffield RCGBR
48Ben Carter MU19 Hallamshire HarriersGBR
47Kevin Carter M50 Totley ACGBR
68Alan Chapman M45 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
11Edward Cieslik M45 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
40Karen Clark W60 Steel City Striders RCGBR
33Amy Clarke W40 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
80Jane Cockerton W60 Penistone Footpath RunnersGBR
57Ellie Crownshaw WSEN Hallamshire HarriersGBR
15Alex Day M40 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
53Kevin Doyle M50 Kimberworth StridersGBR
67Joel Driver M40 Steel City Striders RCGBR
79Colin Earl M60 Kimberworth StridersGBR
73Bernadette Edge W60 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
18Helen Elleker W65 2 DASHGBR
78James Ellwood M45 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
13Sam Farley MSEN Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
87Austin Frost M50 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
38Mark Gamsu M65 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
45Josh Garton MSEN Dronfield RCGBR
54Jo Gleig W60 Steel City Striders RCGBR
32Nick Hails M45 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
66Rob Hale MSEN Steel City Striders RCGBR
82Joseph Harding MSEN Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
10Thomas Harrison MSEN Hallamshire HarriersGBR
64Josie Hill W40 Steel City Striders RCGBR
44James Hogg M40 Dronfield RCGBR
70Keith Holmes M70 Dark Peak Fell runnersGBR
19John Hopkins MSEN Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
61Jessica Horne Rowan WSEN Sheffield RCGBR
30Andy Horsfall MSEN Handsworth RoadhogsGBR
55Chris Horsfall M65 Handsworth RoadhogsGBR
77John Howsham M55 Penistone Footpath RunnersGBR
36Tom Hughes MSEN Totley ACGBR
31Paul Iseard M70 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
42Phil Jarvest MSEN Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
65Richard Johnson MSEN Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
21Eric Latham M50 Steel City Striders RCGBR
83Chris Lawson M50 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
76Andrew Lewis M55 Handsworth RoadhogsGBR
3David Lewis MSEN Hallamshire HarriersGBR
69Robin Lomax MSEN Steel City Striders RCGBR
62Ian Mason M55 Kingstone Runners BarnsleyGBR
14Sophie Middleton WSEN Totley ACGBR
34Ben Moon M55 Totley ACGBR
58Mark Murphy M60 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
49Tommy Power MSEN Hallamshire HarriersGBR
6Mark Prince MSEN Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
1John Rawlinson M55 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
4Max Revitt MSEN Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
23Hal Roberts MSEN Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
59Andrew Robinson M40 Handsworth RoadhogsGBR
74Louis Rose MSEN Sheffield Triathlon ClubGBR
85Nadine Russell W40 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
22Daniel Ryan M40 Sheffield RCGBR
72Steve Sansom M55 Valley Hill RunnersGBR
20Toni Santisteban M50 Hallamshire HarriersGBR
12Lucy Smith W45 Totley ACGBR
75Michelle Softley W50 Handsworth RoadhogsGBR
5Andrew Staley M40 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
2Benjamin Stevens MSEN University of Sheffield Union of StudentsGBR
26Mark Stevenson M50 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
39Georgiana Swainson W40 Sheffield RCGBR
63Keith Swainson M40 Sheffield RCGBR
9Jack Swindells M40 Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR
25Ryan Talley M55 Steel City Striders RCGBR
16Luke Townsend MSEN Hallamshire HarriersGBR
41Kenny Turner M60 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
56Michael Walsh M40 Penistone Footpath RunnersGBR
27Rebecca Ward WU23 Hallamshire HarriersCYM
52Richard Ward MSEN Sheffield RCGBR
17Harriet Wingfield WSEN Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
46Hannah Wright WSEN Steel City Striders RCGBR
8Helen Young W50 Totley ACGBR

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