Valley Park Tour of the Woods Start List

Sunday 21 July 2024 Competitor Statistics (Total=39, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Tour of the Woods (39)
17Julia Abab W65 Romsey Road RunnersGBR
23Joe Amber MSEN Romsey Road RunnersGBR
39Miranda Bates W40 SwiftsGBR
25Simon Bittlestone MSEN Chandlers Ford SwiftsGBR
1Debbie Boothroyd W40 Lonely Goat RCGBR
22Jeff Carter M55 GBR
4Leah Constable W45 CFCRGGBR
10Claire Deacon W60 Eastleigh Running ClubGBR
11Jeff Deacon M65 Eastleigh Running ClubGBR
26Rhian Edwards W40 EastleighGBR
21John Else M50 GBR
18Tamasine Gardener W40 GBR
24Robert Giles M55 Eastleigh RCGBR
6Matt Green M45 GBR
5Vikki Green W50 GBR
8Anthony Holt M40 GBR
27Tina Irani W45 GBR
38Richard Jacob M55 Southampton Park RunGBR
37Tamara Jacob W50 Pentalife Cross Fit CFGBR
13Derek Jennings M60 GBR
12Penny Jennings W60 Romsey Road RunnersGBR
32Derek Kelly M75 Romsey Road RunnersGBR
33Ian Lewis M45 Romsey Road RunnersGBR
19Janet Lewis W55 GBR
20Simon Lewis M60 GBR
36Richard Maiden M40 GBR
29Mike McGonigle MSEN Chandlers Ford SwiftsGBR
9Mark McQueen M50 Chandlers Ford SwiftsGBR
28Rohit Sirohi M45 GBR
2Glyn Sloper M40 Chandlers Ford swifts running clubGBR
3Helen Sloper W45 Chandlers Ford swifts running clubGBR
34Samantha Sweeney W40 GBR
16Kirsty Thompson W40 GBR
14Paul Thorpe M40 Hamwic HarriersGBR
15Kirsty Watson WSEN GBR
30Naomi Watson W50 Chandlers ford swiftsGBR
31Steve Watson M50 Chandlers ford swiftsGBR
7Emma Winter W45 Eastleigh Running ClubGBR
35Stuart Wright M60 GBR

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