(D) English University Championships - KO Sprint Start List

Sunday 03 March 2024 Competitor Statistics (Total=44, Online=80%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Men Open (33)
1*8121935Adam Conway M21 SHUOCENG tba (h)
28010215Matthew Hall M21 SHUOCGBR tba
48032505William Lake M20 SBOCENG tba
7*8250605Jonty Cope M20 ShuOCGBR tba (h)
88101997Adrien Gallet M21 SHUOCGBR tba
9*1156248Benjamin Stevens M21 SYOGBR tba (h)
108111711Sam Cottle M21 BOKGBR tba
12*2072499Max Watson M21 ShUOCENG tba (h)
13HireWill Lewis M20 BUMCENG tba
148388543Joel Taylor M20 BUMCGBR tba
158657675Matthew Rochester M21 BUMCGBR tba
168170804William Garnett M20 BUMCENG tba
178442449Jack Smith M21 LUUOCGBR tba
18HireJoseph Shouksmith M21 BUMCGBR tba
19HireNathanail Georgiou M21 BUMCENG tba
21*8064310Dominic Green M21 SHUOCGBR tba (h)
238074459Joseph Goodwin M21 WCOCENG tba
248667681Joshua Ho Kiu Au M20 SLOWGBR tba
25*8444007Jason Hayman M20 SHUOCGBR tba (h)
26HireTristan Hart M20 LUOCENG tba
298090293Laura Robertson W21 SYONZL tba
308130193Jonathan Crickmore M21 SYOGBR tba
31HireAdam Johnson M21 INDGBR tba
32HireTimo Wang M21 INDGBR tba
348069681Joseph Herbert M20 UCLOCGBR tba
35HireBen Lorenz M21 INDGBR tba
36HireAlfie Hall M20 SYOENG tba
378145401Liam Green M20 LuuocGBR tba
38HireZejun Yao M40 LUUOCGBR tba
40HireAlex Winn M20 INDENG tba
41HireToby Antcliff M21 SHUOCGBR tba
427205318Samuel Fielding M21 LUUOCGBR tba
438130804Ben Squire M20 NOCGBR tba

Women Open (11)
38230880Rebecca Ward W21 SHUOCCYM tba
5*8199529Chloe Potter W21 SYOGBR tba (h)
6HireAbbie Walker W21 ShUOCENG tba (h)
118000885Rachel Potter W21 BOKGBR tba
20*8656123Maya Hampshire Wright W20 ShUOCGBR tba (h)
22*8030216Eleanor Ellis W21 ShUOCGBR tba (h)
27HireAlice Nicholson W21 BOFGBR tba
288030514Aimee Darley W21 LUOCGBR tba
33HireEmilie Pettitt W21 INDGBR tba
39HireIsabella Harris-Johnstone W21 INDGBR tba
44HireVerity Clements W20 INDGBR tba

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