(B) Welsh Orienteering Championships (Pwll Du) Start List

Sunday 03 March 2024 Competitor Statistics (Total=171, Online=96%) Welsh Championship eligibility marker - If you are eligible for the Welsh Championships please mark your GBR Country as CYM. If you are not, please only use ENG, SCO, NI or leave blank. Please use the Amend Entry function to make any changes.

Eligibility Requirements - To be eligible as a Welsh Champion you must be a current member of WOA as at midnight on Saturday 24th February 2024 and comply with at least one of the following criteria:
Birth - either self or one parent born in Wales
Residence - at least one year's current permanent residence in Wales.
See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Near
Entry No. / Name
Start Time
M10 (2)
73501084Tristan Manning M10 MDOCCYM tba(m)
1328413941Francis Mansfield M10 BAOCCYM tba

M12 (0)

M14 (5)
52155268Sebastian Lyne M14 NGOCCYM tba
628016211Seb Blackmore M14 HOCENG tba(e)
83*203314Dougie Innes-Farr M14 SWOCCYM tba(ve) (h)
1041230111James Morris M14 SBOCCYM tba(l)
114HireLuke Peltor M14 BAOCCYM 115 Alex Peltortba(e)

M16 (7)
238040708Joshua Owen M16 BAOCCYM 78 Marc Owentba(m)
258037174Seth Lawson M16 NGOCCYM tba(vl)
348091006Robin Irwin M16 SBOCCYM tba(l)
431399094Marty Jones M16 ERYRICYM tba(m)
468090702Max Straube-Roth M16 ODGBR tba(l)
608070209Peter Blackmore M16 HOCENG tba(e)
115HireAlex Peltor M16 BAOCCYM 116 Emily Peltortba(e)

M18 (2)
268038707Reuben Lawson M18 NGOCCYM tba(vl)
668061021Freddie Lake M18 SBOCCYM tba(l)

M20 (1)
188506322Freddie Habgood M20 SBOCCYM tba

M21 (11)
28211200Samuel Drinkwater M21 ERYRICYM tba
318255006Ruben Razzetti M18 WCOCENG tba(l)
328000047Ben Mitchell M21 SBOCCYM tba
428461707Ian Jones M55 ERYRICYM tba(m)
148HireMatt Haines M21 BOKGBR tba
1618301117Tom Alcock M21 WIMENG tba
1628123234Robert Fieldhouse M21 QOENG tba(e)
1632000127Adam Fieldhouse M21 QOENG tba(e)
1658655028Robin Fieldhouse M21 QOENG tba(e)
1662080006Luke Tierney M21 UBOCGBR tba
1698628551Adam Potter M21 BOKENG tba

M35 (2)
568282828Richard Cronin M35 NGOCGBR tba
1338131185Gareth Mansfield M35 BAOCCYM tba

M40 (2)
4260362Alex Lyne M40 NGOCCYM tba
718657538Rhys Manning M40 SWOCCYM tba(m)

M45 (4)
108064343Richard Powell M45 WAOCENG tba
218311276Matthew Fortes M45 ERYRICYM tba(ve)
618231977Steve Blackmore M45 HOCENG tba(e)
1278190678Thomas Foord M45 SWOCCYM tba

M50 (4)
17HireTom Habgood M50 SBOCCYM tba
878160530Christopher Lewis M50 SBOCCYM 88 Sam Healytba
89221323Nick Abbott M50 HOCENG tba(l)
1588645553Andrew Snell M50 SOCENG tba

M55 (8)
198240793Steve Chafer M55 LEICYM tba
658290965Pauly Jones M55 DEECYM tba
768411148Robin Bishop M55 TVOCCYM tba
778491071Craig Smith M55 BOKENG tba(e)
958100468Ifor Powell M55 BOKCYM tba
108888253Philip Jenkins M55 SBOCCYM tba
1248313391Clive Richardson M55 WREGBR tba
1438680934David Pilling M55 BOKGBR tba

M60 (12)
408511766Niall Reynolds M60 SBOCCYM tba
757654654Alan Honey M60 BOKENG 58 David Hanstocktba(m)
798214525Steve Williams M65 NGOCGBR tba
81*2049784Duncan Innes M60 SWOCCYM tba(ve) (h)
972089673Richard Sharp M60 TVOCENG tba
998151255Nick Dennis M60 BOKGBR tba(m)
1288632182Richard Pay M60 WREGBR tba
1308680940James Clemence M60 SWOCCYM tba
1428012060Malcolm Lyon M65 TVOCGBR tba(l)
1518112473Jon Hateley M60 DEECYM tba
1678657400Charles Daniel M65 BOKGBR tba(m)
170*8069685John Townsend M60 SWOCGBR tba(l) (h)

M65 (10)
18180459Alan Pucill M65 NGOCENG tba
78640489Mike Snell M65 ERYRICYM tba
88103195Mick Hunter M65 NWOCYM tba(l)
578657513Peter Maliphant M65 BOKGBR tba(m)
698508231Alun Roberts M65 BOFCMR tba(e)
1068090558David Mitchell M65 SBOCCYM 107 Ann Mitchelltba
1128001088Mike Goldthorpe M65 WREGBR tba
119*8628657Kevin Bush M65 SWOCCYM tba (h)
1228040358Andy Creber M65 NGOCCYM tba(vl)
1548210257Christopher Kelsey M65 BOKGBR tba

M70 (7)
48438243Edward Parsons M70 SBOCCYM tba
918347347Ian Prowse M70 NGOCENG tba
988071053Roger Stein M70 SBOCCYM tba(vl)
1028328138Paul Taunton M70 NGOCENG tba
1448280154Paul Basher M70 HOCGBR tba
1598180453Chris Johnson M70 BOKENG tba
168400823Geoff Trewin M70 HOCGBR 35 Kerstin Mitchelltba(m)

M75 (6)
98145408Brian Hughes M75 HOCCYM tba
808008002Mike Wimpenny M75 DEVONENG tba(l)
1032145568Trevor Griffiths M75 BOKCYM tba
11037241John Harrison M75 BADOCYM 111 Anne Tynegatetba(l)
1268082607David May M75 SLOWCYM tba
1318509119Gary Waters M75 SBOCCYM tba

M80 (5)
388508044Ted McDonald M80 BOKENG tba
508117373Robert Vickers M80 HOCENG 35 Kerstin Mitchelltba(m)
848261942Frank Ince M80 SWOCCYM tba(l)
136260248Alun Morgan M80 SWOCGBR tba
164*8210644Graham Tough M80 SWOCCYM tba (h)

M85 (1)
862091938Colin Powell M85 AIRECYM tba

W10 (2)
138081234Hana Powell W10 WAOCCYM tba
5432837Megan Jones W10 ERYRICYM tba

W12 (4)
62155269Kathryn Lyne W12 NGOCCYM tba
128056712Alys Powell W12 WAOCCYM tba
288102012Niamh Mitchell W12 HHCYM tba
105HireLucie Morris W12 SBOCCYM tba(l)

W14 (0)

W16 (1)
116HireEmily Peltor W16 BAOCCYM 117 Anna Peltortba(e)

W18 (2)
36347566Katie Lake W18 SBOCCYM tba
117HireAnna Peltor W18 BAOCCYM 113 Amy Peltortba(e)

W20 (0)

W21 (4)
38414077Anna Drinkwater W21 ERYRICYM tba
308010903Rachel Duckworth W21 DVOGBR tba
458170775Anne Straube W45 ODGBR tba(l)
1718256763Megan Carter-Davies W21 SBOCCYM tba(l)

W35 (2)
228100685Becki Law W35 ERYRICYM tba(l)
748170114Cerys Manning W35 MDOCCYM tba(m)

W40 (3)
528231223Jenny Williamson W40 ERYRICYM tba
678073078Kerina Lake W45 SBOCCYM tba(m)
113439091Amy Peltor W40 BAOCCYM 114 Luke Peltortba(e)

W45 (5)
118028020Johanna Powell W45 WAOCCYM tba
248670602Vanessa Lawson W50 NGOCGBR tba(vl)
278645263Sian Mitchell W45 HHCYM tba
338047878Bethan Irwin W45 SBOCCYM tba(l)
82*342253Christine Farr W45 SWOCCYM tba(ve) (h)

W50 (6)
168508167Sasha Habgood W50 SBOCCYM tba
492096682Jenny Heming W50 ERYRICYM tba
888180672Sam Healy W50 SBOCCYM tba
1078140370Ann Mitchell W50 SBOCCYM tba
1388005923Natalie Hawkrigg W50 BLGBR 31 Ruben Razzettitba(l)
141339761Hannah Bradley W50 NGOCGBR tba

W55 (5)
298120767Bronwen Doyle W55 SYOCYM tba
1008061001Rachel Dennis W55 BOKGBR tba(m)
1112105234Anne Tynegate W60 BADOCYM tba(l)
1218630866Diane Jacks W55 WRECYM tba
1458371968Sarah Bayliss W55 WRECYM tba(vl)

W60 (7)
418665076Margaret Reynolds W60 SBOCCYM tba
908047047Suzanne Harding W60 NGOCENG tba
9632805Helen Sharp W60 TVOCCYM tba
1098003113Sarah Jenkins W60 SBOCCYM tba
1188180264Eunice Carter W60 SBOCCYM tba
1378413723Diana Nicoll W60 BOKGBR tba(m)
1508132907Maggie Hateley W60 DEEGBR tba

W65 (3)
598030556Fiona Hanstock W65 BOKGBR tba
120*8628568Jane Bush W65 SWOCCYM tba (h)
1538290157Helen Kelsey W65 BOKGBR tba

W70 (2)
1018328268Rosalind Taunton W70 NGOCENG tba
14651052Rosie Watkins W70 NGOCGBR tba(e)

W75 (1)
708657539Jill Manning W75 SWOCCYM tba(m)

W80 (1)
858194069Judith Powell W80 AIRECYM tba

W85 (0)

Black (0)

Brown (1)
1498280402Thomas Wright M21 BOKENG tba

Short Brown (2)
1298628713Charlotte Elliss W35 RAFOGBR tba(ve)
16050196Andy Hemsted M75 HOCENG 9 Brian Hughestba

Blue (4)
148233222Neville Baker M70 TVOCGBR tba
158233221Marie-Anne Fischer W60 TVOCGBR tba
358011366Kerstin Mitchell W55 HOCGBR tba(m)
928670621Tim Sands M75 BOKGBR tba(l)

Short Blue (7)
1358291185Emma Mansfield W35 BAOCENG tba
1402032783Allan Darwell M70 BOKGBR tba(m)
1478009008Richard Rogers M60 WREGBR tba
1522155351Eva Spurling W20 WREGBR tba
1558655909Ian Chafer M55 HOCCYM tba
1568138387Cat Edwardes W50 DEVONGBR 157 Karen Frenchtba(m)
1578654192Karen French W55 WIMGBR 156 Cat Edwardestba(m)

Green (5)
37217736James Cockrill M20 SBOCGBR tba
688639642Carol Iddles W65 RAFOENG tba
728180192Debbie Manning W21 SWOCENG tba(m)
782218407Marc Owen M50 BOFGBR 23 Joshua Owentba(m)
938242318Carol Sands W70 BOKGBR tba(l)

Short Green (4)
518670629Russ Fauset M75 HOCENG 35 Kerstin Mitchelltba(m)
588050756David Hanstock M65 BOKGBR tba
948657609Jean Lochhead W75 SELOCCYM tba
1232212491Duncan Liddle M65 NGOCGBR tba(m)

Very Short Green (1)
1398194272Clare Fletcher W80 BOKGBR tba(m)

Light Green (2)
55HireJane Ford-Jones W40 ERYRICYM tba
648011379Corrie Blackmore W45 HOCENG tba(e)

Orange (5)
208180966Sindy Chafer W55 LEIGBR tba
39504313Richard McDonald M45 BOKGBR tba
44414168Isabel Jones W21 ERYRICYM tba(m)
47HireJanice Hughes W70 SBOCCYM tba
1258260950Diana McClure W70 SBOCCYM tba

Yellow (3)
532216855Rhiannon Pinches W10 ERYRICYM tba
638270712Pippa Blackmore W12 HOCENG tba(e)
1348413942Philippa Mansfield W10 BAOCGBR tba

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