Torfaen Sprint Relays Start List

Wednesday 19 June 2024 Competitor Statistics (Total=168, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Team Name Start Time
Senior Female (up to 139) (16)
25Abi Jarvis WU18 Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR Causing hAVAACtba
Jessica Davies WU18 Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR tba
Tirion Pryce WSEN Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR tba
Holli Jehu WSEN Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR tba
27Nia Reddy WU18 Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR AVAAC Youth Club tba
Caitlin Cartridge WU18 Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR tba
Caitlin Jones WU19 Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR tba
Chloe Piggott WU23 Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR tba
32Lauren Ringquest W40 RuNNewportGBR RuNNewporttba
Marnee Hicks W50 RuNNewportGBR tba
Clare Roberts W40 RuNNewportGBR tba
Nicola Dando WSEN RuNNewportGBR tba
42Victoria Boxhall-James WSEN Griffithstown HarriersGBR AVSStba
Sarah Roberts W45 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Samantha Walker WSEN Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Abbie Kidner WU23 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba

Vet Female (140+) (36)
3Michelle Johnson WSEN Islwyn RCGBR Islwyn Ctba
Carys-Sian Malarczyk W40 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Melissa Morgan W40 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Sarah Davies W50 Islwyn RCGBR tba
4Clare Barrett W45 Islwyn RCGBR Islwyn Dtba
Emma Larsson W45 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Hilary Preece W50 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Holtham-Morgan Kirsty W45 Islwyn RCGBR tba
5Julie Gould W55 Islwyn RCGBR Islwyn Etba
Sheryl Clark W50 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Kelly Hall W45 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Emma Pask W50 Islwyn RCGBR tba
8Corinna Jones W45 Aberdare VAACGBR HAVAAC nice daytba
Louise Lloyd W45 Aberdare VAACGBR tba
Lauren Mackie W40 Aberdare VAACGBR tba
Carys Thomas WSEN Aberdare VAACGBR tba
11Kath Matthews W45 Chepstow HarriersGBR Chepstow Harridanstba
Morgan Niki W55 Chepstow HarriersGBR tba
Lisa Jeffrey W50 Chepstow HarriersGBR tba
Bell Sarah W45 Chepstow HarriersGBR tba
14Tammy Fry WSEN Caerleon RCGBR Whose idea was this?tba
Jade Wakely WSEN Caerleon RCGBR tba
Lauren Williams WSEN Caerleon RCGBR tba
Avisa Talemi W40 Caerleon RCGBR tba
21Raegan Russell WSEN Lliswerry RunnersGBR Lliswerry Ladies Mixerstba
Leanne Westacott W50 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
Cheryl Jones W40 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
Vicky Fear W40 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
23Sian Jones W40 Lliswerry RunnersGBR Lliswerry Loveliestba
Lowri Hawrot WSEN Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
Emma Henley WSEN Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
Cheryl Hill W50 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
36Lisa Davies W45 RuNNewportGBR RuNNewporttba
Joanne Smith WSEN RuNNewportGBR tba
Moira Wooles W40 RuNNewportGBR tba
Sally Austin W50 RuNNewportGBR tba

Senior Male (up to 159) (16)
1Lewis Munro MSEN Islwyn RCGBR Islwyn Atba
Lee Mills M45 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Neil Profit M40 Islwyn RCGBR tba
David Witts MSEN Islwyn RCGBR tba
24Josh Fitton MSEN Lliswerry RunnersGBR Lliswerry Gentstba
Chris Potter M55 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
James Hobson MSEN Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
Andrew Hart M40 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
38Ashley Temudo MSEN Caldicot running clubGBR Crc Over in a flASHtba
James Booth MSEN Caldicot running clubGBR tba
Ben Vaughan MSEN Caldicot running clubGBR tba
Owen Staddon MSEN Caldicot running clubGBR tba
39Tom Rooney MSEN Caldicot running clubGBR CRC Rooney's Racerstba
Neil Pearson M55 Caldicot running clubGBR tba
Mark Light MSEN Caldicot running clubGBR tba
Alex Lyne M40 Caldicot running clubGBR tba

Vet Male (160+) (36)
6Keith Davies M65 Islwyn RCGBR Islwyn Ftba
Gareth Powell M55 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Craig Ward M40 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Paul Brookes M50 Islwyn RCGBR tba
9Manny Trailor M40 Brecon ACGBR Brecon Ac tba
Robert Stephens M45 Brecon ACGBR tba
Barney Goodrich M45 Brecon ACGBR tba
Michael Holloway MSEN Brecon ACGBR tba
13Leighton Everett MSEN Caerleon RCGBR Scrambled Legstba
Matt Tooby M40 Caerleon RCGBR tba
Matt Turner M50 Caerleon RCGBR tba
Tom Newman M45 Caerleon RCGBR tba
18Justin Pocknell M55 Caerleon RCGBR Caerleon Cadence Crusaders tba
Paul Adams M45 Caerleon RCGBR tba
Phil Cummings M45 Caerleon RCGBR tba
Gareth Hart M50 Caerleon RCGBR tba
26Terry White M70 Griffithstown HarriersGBR Thigh Anxiety tba
Adrian Orringe M70 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Peter Welbirg M70 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Barrie Parham M75 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
33Martin Croucher M55 RuNNewportGBR RuNNewporttba
Morian Williams M50 RuNNewportGBR tba
Julian Taylor M55 RuNNewportGBR tba
Iestyn Perham M40 RuNNewportGBR tba
37Andrew Stamp M50 Griffithstown HarriersGBR Griffs Relay Rocketstba
Shane Roberts M45 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Paul Mason M40 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Gareth Knight M40 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
40Jon Lewis M50 Griffithstown HarriersGBR The Team to Beattba
James Young M40 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Mark Burchell M40 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
John Williams M45 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
41Christopher Hill M55 Lliswerry RunnersGBR The Tantive IVtba
Steve Crowther M60 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
Ian Macrory M55 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
Mark Breese M50 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba

Senior Mixed 2x2 (up to 149) (8)
2Alysha Bunston WSEN Islwyn RCGBR Islwyn Btba
Carly Bunston WSEN Islwyn RCGBR tba
Aled Wynne M40 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Lloyd Hambridge MSEN Islwyn RCGBR tba
31Harry Woodward MU23 Caldicot running clubGBR CRC Woodward's Warriorstba
Karen Pennell WSEN Caldicot running clubGBR tba
Laura Hunt WSEN Caldicot running clubGBR tba
Sam Griffiths MSEN Caldicot running clubGBR tba

Vet Mixed 2x2 (150+) (56)
7Coral Putman W50 Islwyn RCGBR Islwyn Gtba
Karen Woodsford W50 Islwyn RCGBR tba
Matthew Clark MSEN Islwyn RCGBR tba
Jason Dixon M50 Islwyn RCGBR tba
10Stevie Bald M45 Brecon ACGBR Brecon Ac tba
Maria Hunter W50 Brecon ACGBR tba
Naomi Law W50 Brecon ACGBR tba
Stephen Goodrich M60 Brecon ACGBR tba
12Andrew Cadmore M55 Brecon ACGBR Brecon AC CBBCtba
Bryony Dix W45 Brecon ACGBR tba
Catherine Gilbert W50 Brecon ACGBR tba
Barry Griffiths M60 Brecon ACGBR tba
15Dan Jones MU23 Caerleon RCGBR Caerleon Leap Froggers 🐸 tba
Charlotte Moran W45 Caerleon RCGBR tba
Jason Pritchard M45 Caerleon RCGBR tba
Elizabeth Richards W55 Caerleon RCGBR tba
16Isabel Young WSEN Caerleon RCGBR Iscarianstba
Steve Dance M55 Caerleon RCGBR tba
Siwan Purkis WSEN Caerleon RCGBR tba
Lyndon Mac M50 Caerleon RCGBR tba
17Lee Holland M40 Caerleon RCGBR Caerleon Cougars tba
Liz Sims W60 Caerleon RCGBR tba
Alex Smith W45 Caerleon RCGBR tba
Wesley Harris M45 Caerleon RCGBR tba
19Daniel Symmonds M50 Caerleon RCGBR Ooh I dunno…tba
Katie Gibbs WSEN Caerleon RCGBR tba
Alex Walden MSEN Caerleon RCGBR tba
Yangi Vundamina W45 Caerleon RCGBR tba
20Cherry Fowler W55 Chepstow HarriersGBR Chepstow 239 tba
Paul Dodd M65 Chepstow HarriersGBR tba
Tony Marshall M60 Chepstow HarriersGBR tba
Jan Morris W55 Chepstow HarriersGBR tba
22Barbara Wilkinson W50 Lliswerry RunnersGBR Lliswerry Mixologiststba
Diane Potter W55 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
Suzanne Taylor W40 Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
Scott Routley MSEN Lliswerry RunnersGBR tba
28Lyndon Kenney M65 Griffithstown HarriersGBR Cool Griffstba
Keren Beard W50 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Timothy Miles M55 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Jeninifer Mcpadden W40 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
29Andrew Spencer M60 Griffithstown HarriersGBR Felices Los 4tba
Mikiko Minty W45 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Marc Cross M40 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
Wilkinson Anna W50 Griffithstown HarriersGBR tba
30Andy Creber M65 Almost PBBGBR Three Swifts and a Cuckootba
Nicola Jukes W50 PBBGBR tba
Clare Patterson W40 PBBGBR tba
Jon Like MSEN PBBGBR tba
34Emma Wootten W40 RuNNewportGBR RuNNewporttba
Kevin Sharpe M50 RuNNewportGBR tba
Rachel Everson W45 RuNNewportGBR tba
Andrew James M40 RuNNewportGBR tba
35Lorna Thurston W50 RuNNewportGBR RuNNewporttba
Sarah Buckley W45 RuNNewportGBR tba
James Kinsey M65 RuNNewportGBR tba
Gary Brewster MSEN RuNNewportGBR tba

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