Caerphilly Challenge Series - Wild Boar 2024 Start List

Saturday 11 May 2024 Competitor Statistics (Total=74, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
22 mile (self led) (41)
15Caroline Bird GBR
12Neil Bracey GBR
24Andreas Buch GBR
28Lea Caddick Weekend WalkersGBR
22Martin Cattroll GBR
49Louisa Chant GBR
17Adrian Davies Weekend WalkersGBR
59Ian Dugmore Weekend WalkersGBR
72Olga Fernández GBR
38Tom Fletcher GBR
26Lee Gray GBR
10Carl Griffiths Weekend WalkersGBR
8Kev Griffiths Weekend WalkersGBR
23Peter Ha GBR
42Noreen Hinton GBR
56Simon Hooper GBR
71William Hooper GBR
25Ken Hudson GBR
64Gerry Jackson South Wales LDWAGBR
74Carlton James GBR
19Carys James GBR
73Ceri James GBR
9Matthew Jones Weekend WalkersGBR
51Lucy Kemp GBR
13Bryan Main GBR
53Harry Main GBR
39Sarah Morgan GBR
43Kate Newcombe GBR
1Tiago Oliveira GBR
55Steve Peddle Weekend WalkersGBR
31Hywel Perkins Weekend WalkersGBR
11Craig Porter Weekend WalkersGBR
35Zoe Price GBR
30Richard Reynolds Weekend WalkersGBR
21Joely Rose GBR
27Lesley Saunders GBR
33Dan Twydale GBR
34Kelly Twydale GBR
32Philip West GBR
44Nicola Wiltshire GBR
14Carl Winters GBR

22 mile (led) (2)
18Gareth Jenkins GBR
46Stuart Jenkins GBR

15 mile (self led) (21)
62Gary Adlington GBR
67Michael Alcock GBR
69Wesley Colyer GBR
52Matthew Davies GBR
54Stephen Davies GBR
60Emma Dickinson GBR
4Ruth Finch GBR
3Maggie Gibbs GBR
45Penny Greenwood GBR
6Don Griffiths GBR
7Val Griffiths GBR
57Sue Low GBR
41Jane Mitchell Mitchell GBR
40Julie Nobes GBR
68Ronan O'Connell GBR
16Barrie Page GBR
63Suzanne Payne GBR
5Emma Stock-Coles GBR
70Ed Thomson GBR
2Karen Walsh GBR
61Laura Wilson GBR

15 mile (led) (5)
50Adam Clarke GBR
47Rhiannon Davies GBR
48Christopher Jones GBR
20Lynsey Summers GBR
29Nicola Tonge GBR

11 mile (led) (3)
65Patrick Isaac GBR
66Sally Isaac GBR
58Paul Norville GBR

1-5 mile (led) (2)
36Huwie Price GBR
37Jacob Price GBR

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