(C) Wessex - SW League - Agglestone (Purbecks) Start List

Sunday 20 February 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=34, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Brown (5)
78003046Robin Mills M55 WIMGBR 11:00
128011492Jon Brooke M55 WSXGBR 12:20 (h)
221399440Chris Turner M55 WIMGBR 10:30
278130903Elizabeth Horsler W20 WIMGBR 11:05
288419321Jolyon Medlock M45 WSXENG 12:15 (h)

Blue (7)
88461717Julian Hartwell M65 SOCGBR 12:15
108657599Ingwahang Jabegu M40 WIMGBR 11:01
111111492Agnes Brooke W20 WSXGBR 12:20 (h)
19401448Fern Ault W35 WSXGBR 12:30 (h)
242074494Douglas Greenwood M45 SOCGBR 10:45
268640483Tamsin Horsler W55 WIMGBR 11:15
308204796Lyra Medlock W16 WSXENG 10:30 (h)

Green (11)
1434457Sarah Houlder W60 WSXGBR 10:30 (h)
28071953Julie Astin W65 WSXGBR 12:00 (h)
38639642Carol Iddles W65 BOKENG 12:01
9HireL-J Evans W45 WIMGBR 10:31
138021492Nicola Brooke W55 WSXGBR 12:20 (h)
148170646Christopher Branford M75 WIMENG 10:59
21995460Tina Stratford W50 WSXENG 10:33
232074496Annika Greenwood W50 SOCGBR 10:45
252038704Helen Hodge W60 WIMGBR 10:52
298178434Rebecca Medlock W45 WSXENG 12:15 (h)
32202229David Mullins M70 SARUMGBR 11:00

Short Green (7)
5202221Peter Hambleton M75 SARUMCYM 11:30
6342273Joan Hambleton W80 SARUMENG 11:31
158021050Lynn Branford W70 WIMENG 10:59
17401975Trevor Bridle M75 WIMENG 10:35
33202230Denise Mullins W70 SARUMGBR 11:00
34260550Carol Pearce W75 DEVONENG 11:45
35202171John Pearce M75 DEVONENG 11:40

Light Green (2)
18261373Madeleine Bridle W70 WSXENG 10:30 (h)
2033376John Warren M85 WIMGBR 11:00

Orange (2)
48139007Alan Hooper M75 WSXGBR 10:30 (h)
318061109Eskarina Medlock W14 WSXENG 10:35 (h)

Yellow (0)

White (0)

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