(D) Wenallt Start List

Saturday 23 October 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=55, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Blue (28)
1411047Bethan Irwin W40 SBOCGBR tba
28666160Alison High W40 SOCYM tba
38667825Heather High W16 SOCYM tba
111963308Gill Lock W55 SBOCGBR tba
121995108Siobhan Lock W21 SBOCGBR tba
138030201Saskia Jones W20 SWOCGBR tba
14347572Peter Lake M45 SBOCCYM tba
158032505William Lake M16 SBOCCYM tba
168211006Freddie Lake M16 SBOCCYM tba
181978730Kerina Lake W40 SBOCCYM tba
208090558David Mitchell M60 SBOCCYM tba
221959024Mark Saunders M60 BOKGBR tba
238667571Alice Bedwell W60 BOKGBR tba
248667906Anthony Raven M45 SWOCGBR tba
258680544Christopher Raven M18 SWOCGBR tba
278680940James Clemence M60 SWOCCYM tba
288000047Ben Mitchell M21 SBOCCYM tba
298256763Megan Carter-Davies W21 SBOCCYM tba
307909197Chris Atkins M40 BOKGBR tba
328628657Kevin Bush M60 SWOCCYM tba
41HireBenjamin Beringue M21 SWOCCYM tba
42HireJohn Townsend M55 SWOCCYM tba
431008512Adrian Moir M60 SWOCGBR tba
46200306Ainis Pirtnieks M60 SWOCCYM tba
478230880Rebecca Ward W18 NGOCCYM tba
488401461Peter Ward M50 NGOCGBR tba
498657400Charles Daniel M65 BOKGBR tba
511270598William Reynolds M21 SBOCCYM tba

Green (22)
42096731Dave Bird M75 SBOCGBR tba
8260248Alun Morgan M75 SWOC GBR tba
9261207Alan Richards M75 NGOCGBR tba
10438241Robin Irwin M12 SBOCGBR tba
17347566Katie Lake W16 SBOCCYM tba
198260950Diana McClure W70 SBOCCYM tba
218140370Ann Mitchell W50 SBOCCYM tba
268680543Andrew Raven M16 SWOCGBR tba
318628568Jane Bush W60 SWOCCYM tba
33333757Chris Burgues M65 SWOCGBR tba
348070550John Mills M70 SWOCCYM tba
358670621Tim Sands M70 BOKGBR tba
368242318Carol Sands W70 BOKGBR tba
379071053Roger Stein M65 SBOCCYM tba
38400406Nigel Ferrand M65 SWOCCYM tba
392800209Peter Colbert M65 SWOCCYM tba
40222321Susan Colbert W70 SWOCCYM tba
45HireGlyn Thomas M60 BKOCYM tba
521961227Niall Reynolds M60 SBOCGBR tba
53HirePhilip McDonald M21 INDIRL tba
54HireLydia Ashworth W21 INDGBR tba
55HireTheo Rumens M21 INDGBR tba

Orange (5)
5HireJohn Dickson M45 INDCYM tba
6HireAnna Dickson W10 INDCYM tba
7HireEos Dickson W12 INDCYM tba
44HireStephen Smith M55 IndGBR tba
50HireLisa Chichester W50 INDGBR tba

Yellow (0)

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