(D) Gloucestershire MapRun Autumn 2021 Start List

Wednesday 06 October 2021 - Thursday 16 December 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=22, Online=100%, Event1=18, Event2=8, Event3=7, Event4=5, Event5=5, Event6=7)
Event 106/10/2021MapRun Gloucestershire: Battledown
Event 221/10/2021MapRun Gloucestershire: Bishop's Cleeve
Event 304/11/2021MapRun Gloucestershire: Dursley
Event 418/11/2021MapRun Gloucestershire: Quedgeley
Event 509/12/2021MapRun Gloucestershire: Bromyard
Event 616/12/2021MapRun Gloucestershire: Chepstow
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5Event 6
Score (1 hour) (22)
1Kevin Brooker M50 NGOCGBR tbatbatba
2Pat MacLeod M70 NGOCGBR tbatbatbatbatba
3Ian Phillips M60 NGOCGBR tbatbatbatbatba
4Rhiannon Fadeyibi W55 NGOCGBR tbatbatbatbatbatba
5Si Read M55 NGOCGBR tbatbatbatbatba
6David Hunt M60 BOKGBR tba
7Alec Linton M45 NGOCGBR tba
8Rosalind Taunton W70 NGOCENG tbatba
9Paul Taunton M70 NGOCENG tbatba
10Thomas Cochrane M35 NGOCGBR tbatbatbatbatba
11George Morton M20 INDGBR tba
12Adam Baker-Hale M45 RAFOGBR tba
13Hannah Bradley W45 NGOCGBR tba
14Judith Taylor W55 NGOCENG tba
15Rose Taylor W16 NGOCENG tba
16Thomas Kennedy M16 NGOCGBR tba
17Jonathan Kennedy M45 INDGBR tba
18Tom Baker M35 INDGBR tba
19Richard Mawer M45 BAOCGBR tba
20Richard Cronin M21 NGOCCYM tbatbatbatba
21Peter Gilder M50 NWOENG tba
22Greg Best M55 NGOCGBR tba

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