Brean Down Santa Scramble 5K / 10K Start List

Sunday 12 December 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=75, Online=97%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 31 October 2021 See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
10K (42)
4Sonia Beaty W50 GBR 11:00
5Chris Silvester M40 Vegan Runners UKGBR 11:00
6Jo Nicholson W50 Badrats Running GBR 11:00
9Helene Vandenberghe WSEN GBR 11:00
10George Nye MSEN GBR 11:00
12Dan Lambourne MSEN GBR 11:00
13Andy Ashby M40 GBR 11:00
14Jonnie Bridges MSEN Something’s in the WaterGBR 11:00
16Lesley Cottle W60 Almost AthletesGBR 11:03
17Daryl Phillips MSEN North Bristol Running GroupGBR 11:00
18Patricia Seabrook W80 Finch CoastersGBR 11:00
20James Steinhardt MU16 Whinskermbe Whifflers (A.G.)GBR 11:03
23*Ben Moss M40 GBR 11:00
25Asbie Potter W45 Running Forever RCGBR 11:01
26Sarah Holloway WSEN Running Forever RCGBR 11:01
27Lisa Windsor W40 Running Forever RCGBR 11:01
28Ruth Cornish W55 Southville RCGBR 11:00
29John Hyde M65 Red Rose Road RunnersGBR 11:00
30Simon Dunk M70 GBR 11:00
36Nick Westwood M60 GBR 11:03
37Sandra Harlow W45 GBR 11:02
38Sharon Hooper W45 GBR 11:02
39Danny Bomford-Glaysher M40 GBR 11:00
40Dermot Coombs M50 GBR 11:00
42Kim Sims W40 GBR 11:00
43Charlotte Norman WSEN Defra ACGBR 11:00
44Sheila Norman W55 GBR 11:00
48*Emma Meredith W45 Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR 11:03
49Aimee Savage WSEN GBR 11:00
50Nathaniel Meadows MSEN GBR 11:00
52Rosie Smith W70 GBR 11:03
53Mel Smith M70 GBR 11:03
54Toby Brown M55 Woolavington runnersGBR 11:00
55Ruth Brown W50 Woolavington runnersGBR 11:00
58Matt King MSEN Flo factory team GBR 11:00
59Maisie Hilton WSEN Weston Whippets GBR 11:00
60Josh Eyers MSEN Weston Whippets GBR 11:00
65Kate Rossiter W50 Weston ACGBR 11:02
66Kelly Hemmens W45 Weston ACGBR 11:02
70Russ Shayler M45 Weston Whippets GBR 11:00
77Dawn Kinghorn W40 Weston ACGBR 11:02
78Rob Osment M40 Weston ACGBR 11:00

5K (33)
1Tina Burrows W60 Weston Athletic ClubGBR 11:04
2Tom Burrows MSEN GBR 11:04
3Amy Badman WSEN Weston Athletic ClubGBR 11:04
7Mat Clothier M40 Lonely Goat RCGBR 11:05
8Mary Clothier W40 Lonely Goat RCGBR 11:05
15Alison Wilson W55 GBR 11:05
19John Steinhardt M60 Whinskermbe Whifflers (A.G.)GBR 11:04
22John Sampson M60 GBR 11:06
24Jackie Thomas W60 Sole Sisters North BristolGBR 11:04
32Sharon Case W55 GBR 11:06
33Sara Wilson W45 GBR 11:06
34Denise Leach W65 GBR 11:04
35Steven Stone M65 GBR 11:04
41Julie Churchyard W60 GBR 11:05
45Emma Bendall WSEN GBR 11:04
46Adam Bendall M40 GBR 11:04
47Cameron Bendall MU13 GBR 11:04
51Paul Croft MSEN GBR 11:04
56James Whittaker M70 GBR 11:04
57Diane Whittaker W60 GBR 11:04
61Ross Wayne M45 GBR 11:04
62Zodwa Chasokela W65 GBR 11:04
63John Ho M40 GBR 11:04
64Zachary Ho MU13 GBR 11:04
67Paula Hopley W60 Burnham On Sea HarriersGBR 11:04
68Billie-Jo Hopley WU19 Burnham On Sea HarriersGBR 11:04
69Roxanne Faulks W40 Burnham On Sea HarriersGBR 11:04
71Alan Parkinson M60 GBR 11:05
72Louise Daniels W40 GBR 11:05
73Lisa Chichester W50 Cardiff Canicross GBR 11:06
74Caroline Bazell W45 Weston Athletic ClubGBR 11:04
75Matt Bazell M45 GBR 11:04
76Stephen Smith M55 Cardiff canicrossGBR 11:06

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