(B) Yvette Baker Final - Westonbirt (Closed Event) Start List

Sunday 04 July 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=157, Online=100%) Bristol Orienteering Klub looks forward to your joining us. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Blue (24)
78082776Louise Reynolds W45 SYOGBR tba
98175028Paul Norman M55 SYOGBR tba
138280366Robyn Stanyon W55 SYOGBR tba
158170775Anne Straube W45 ODGER tba
178120968Alistair Landels M50 ODGBR tba
188111271Juliette Soulard W50 ODGBR tba
248006618Nicholas Lightfoot M60 SYOGBR tba
26541068Richard Baxter M50 SYOGBR tba
278662421Kim Baxter W45 SYOGBR tba
478459081Stephen Borrill M50 WAOCGBR tba
508074174Karen Crawford W50 BOKGBR tba (h)
598140776Sarah Rollins W45 SNGBR tba
608205244Roger Gooding M45 SOSENG tba
652142085Stephen Lee-Jones M50 BOKGBR tba
732089673Richard Sharp M55 TVOCGBR tba
808091172Scott Bailey M45 BOKGBR tba
1227050800Graeme Ambler M40 BOKGBR tba
1258210864Dil Wetherill M55 WAOCGBR tba
1398124816Jon Vaughan M45 BKOGBR tba
142444843Peter Clothier M50 BOKGBR tba
1461290375Adrian Butter M45 SNGBR tba
1478090365Rich Kerswell M55 WAOCGBR tba
1558264792John Methven M50 BKOENG tba
1568264794Lisa Methven W50 BKOENG tba

Green (31)
18055088Beverley Inkson W50 SYOGBR tba
28290404Max Mobus M18 SYOGBR tba
308180453Chris Johnson M65 BOKENG tba (h)
318150251Brian Curtis M70 BOKGBR tba (h)
328282616Emma Jarrett W45 WAOCENG tba
428657385Kate Hawks W45 HHGBR tba
44HireAlfred Hall M18 SYOENG tba
638152005Olmo Combley M16 SYOGBR tba
641070510Ciara Keen W16 SYOGBR tba
668667384Amy Lee-Jones W16 BOKGBR tba
7432805Helen Sharp W55 SWOCCYM tba
788255678Judith Cudden W45 SYOGBR tba
818270503Jim Bailey M18 BOKGBR tba
828030497Amy Curtis W50 BOKGBR tba
838641881Andrew Preston M40 SYOGBR tba
88HireGareth Beynon M50 BOKGBR tba
908140878Susan Guy W40 SYOGBR tba
928051104Matthew Morris M18 SYOGBR tba
1108632901Gwen Tanner W60 BOKGBR tba (h)
117203388Jennifer Thomas W50 TVOCGBR tba
118HireJames Cunnane M55 TVOCGBR tba
1248280103Alex Wetherill M18 WAOCGBR tba
1268064343Richard Powell M45 WAOCGBR tba
1401012004Bryony Stagg W18 BOKGBR tba
1411121212Edith Stagg W18 BOKGBR tba
1458345613Jacky Dakin W60 SYOGBR tba
1488281005Sophie Kerswell W16 WAOCGBR tba
1518641532Janet Cronk W60 WAOCGBR tba
1578145425Adam Methven M16 BKOENG tba
1598180751Sue Curtis W70 BOKGBR tba (h)
160HireGraeme Williams M40 BKOENG tba

Light Green (23)
48011508Caspar Reynolds M14 SYOGBR tba
108060650Millie Norman W16 SYOGBR tba
128210808Anna Todd W14 SYOGBR tba
228080609Joseph Guy M14 SYOGBR tba
258200810Robbie Lightfoot M14 SYOGBR tba
368361331Charlotte Sykes W14 SYOGBR tba
488313201Jemima Borrill W16 WAOCGBR tba
531120307Isabelle Groom W14 SYOGBR tba
67HireGillian Lee-Jones W55 BOKSCO tba
709197600Nicola Morris W45 BOKGBR tba
71401208James Morris M50 BOKGBR tba
7237567Joseph Morris M14 BOKGBR tba
752079021Theresa Wheatcroft W60 BOKGBR tba (h)
768145317James Bryant M14 SYOGBR tba
848657492Louise Preston W40 SYOGBR tba
99516113Anthony Walker M55 TVOCGBR tba
100260397Liz Cross W50 TVOCGBR tba
111HireMatilda Knox Cartwright W16 BOKENG tba
12350216Jonathan Ambler M16 BOKGBR tba
149HireEleanor Kerswell W14 WAOCGBR tba
150HireJane Kerswell W50 WAOCGBR tba
152HireJason Longley M45 TVOCGBR tba
1588410972Megan Robinson W14 AIREGBR tba

Orange (19)
88064331Ruth Yeomanson W14 SYOENG tba
168090702Max Straube-Roth M12 ODENG tba
198220609Adam Landels M12 ODGBR tba
238011010Freddie Guy M12 SYOGBR tba
288041068Ella Baxter W12 SYOGBR tba
338465923Kate Jarrett W12 WAOCENG tba
378077196Beth Sykes W12 SYOGBR tba
401419223Chun Yan Alistair Fu M14 WAOCENG tba
438111301Isabel Hawks W12 HHGBR tba
458290709Penny Bell W12 SYOGBR tba
461426921Marcus Perry M12 BOKGBR tba
518285828Abigail Howsam W12 SYOGBR tba
558142010Maxwell Groom M12 SYOGBR tba
858201109William Preston M12 SYOGBR tba
98HireMegan Wareing W14 BOKGBR tba
106HireEleanor Prescott W14 BKOGBR tba
1141264757William Reavell M12 WAOCGBR tba
1338064393Winston Knight M12 WAOCGBR tba
138HireZac Vaughan M14 BKOGBR tba

Yellow (20)
58041509Pasco Reynolds M12 SYOGBR tba
68092111Jago Reynolds M10 SYOGBR tba
298110403Jack Baxter M10 SYOGBR tba
411419249Chun Ho Andre Fu M12 WAOCENG tba
528283118Sophie Howsam W10 SYOGBR tba
6837566Caroline Morris W10 BOKGBR tba
771425839Louis Bryant M10 SYOGBR tba
868120511Stanley Preston M10 SYOGBR tba
89HireFreya Beynon W12 BOKGBR tba
97HireDaniel Wareing M10 BOKGBR tba
107HireJames Prescott M12 BKOGBR tba
1131264758Isabelle Reavell W10 WAOCGBR tba
119HireKira Hawkins W10 WAOCGBR tba
121HireChloe Ambler W10 BOKGBR tba
128HireAlys Powell W10 WAOCGBR tba
129HireBetsan Powell W14 WAOCGBR tba
135HireIsla Overy W10 BOKGBR tba
137HireElliot Vaughan M12 BKOGBR tba
1442049743Iris Landrigan W10 BOKGBR tba
161HireAidan Williams M12 BKOENG tba

Non-runner (40)
3HireGunter Mobus M55 SYOGBR tba
11HireNicola Noden W55 SYOGBR tba
34HireJerome Jarrett M45 INDGBR tba
35HireJarrett Amy W14 INDGBR tba
38HireJenny Caddick W45 SYOGBR tba
39HireDavid Sykes M45 SYOGBR tba
49HireAmanda Borrill W55 WAOCGBR tba
548020877Kristian Groom M40 SYOGBR tba
56HireWendy Groom W45 INDGBR tba
57HireLucy Ferguson W50 SOSGBR tba
58HireSimon Ferguson M50 SOSGBR tba
61HireBecky Gooding W45 SOSGBR tba
62HireLulu Gooding W10 SOSGBR tba
791191065Robert Bryant M50 SYOGBR tba
87532502Martha Preston W10 SYOGBR tba
91HireChris Guy M40 SYOGBR tba
938405060Richard Morris M55 SYOGBR tba
94HireClaire Morris W50 SYOGBR tba
95HireNicky Wareing W45 BOKGBR tba
96HireAndy Wareing M40 BOKGBR tba
101337546David Howsam M40 SYOGBR tba
1028083019Vanessa Howsam W45 SYOGBR tba
1038142260Heidi Lloyd W40 TVOCGBR tba
104HireRichard Lloyd M45 BOFGBR tba
105HireAlwyn Lloyd M10 TVOCGBR tba
108HireKirsty Adams W45 BKOGBR tba
109HireKelvin Prescott M45 BKOGBR tba
1128657430Jean-Pierre Carraud M50 SOSENG tba
1151264755Kingsley Reavell M45 WAOCGBR tba
1161264756Jenny Reavell W45 WAOCGBR tba
120HireCharmain Hawkins W55 WAOCGBR tba
127HireJohanna Powell W45 WAOCGBR tba
130HireHana Powell W10 WAOCGBR tba
131HireSarah Knight W50 WAOCGBR tba
132HireGregory Knight M50 WAOCGBR tba
1341419275Ho Yam Addy Fu M45 WAOCGBR tba
136HireAnna Overy W40 BOKGBR tba
1438194900Christine King W70 BOKGBR tba
153HireChrissy Longley W50 TVOCGBR tba
154HireSamuel Longley M12 TVOCGBR tba

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