(D) SWOC Park Series 2021 Start List

Wednesday 16 June 2021 - Wednesday 25 August 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=192, Online=100%, Event1=55, Event2=53, Event3=63, Event4=58, Event5=15, Event6=20)
Event 116/06/21SWOC Park Series (1) - Roath Park
Event 230/06/21SWOC Park Series (2) - Forest Farm
Event 314/07/21SWOC Park Series (3) - Hailey Park
Event 428/07/21SWOC Park Series (4) - Heath Park
Event 511/08/21SWOC Park Series (5) - Ynysangharad Park
Event 625/08/21SWOC Park Series (6) - Bute Park
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5Event 6
Long 6K (78)
2HireGeorge Tordoff M45 INDGBR 19:00
3HireGeorge Tordoff M45 INDGBR 19:0019:00
4HireColeen Manuel W40 INDGBR 18:30
5HireNicola Miller W35 INDGBR 18:31
6HireAngela Bush W50 INDGBR 18:32
7HireSian Regan W35 INDGBR 18:33
8HireBeatrice Roberts W40 INDGBR 18:34
9HireJo Haddon W40 INDGBR 18:1518:15
10HireCheryl Hudgell W45 INDGBR 18:1418:14
117401200Nick Ashby M45 SWOCGBR 18:0118:0118:01
128030201Saskia Jones W20 SWOCCYM 18:25
13HireEllen Perry W55 Goodgym Race TeamCYM 18:03
14HireMatthew Peters M20 INDCYM 18:04
158190678Tom Foord M40 SWOCGBR 18:3518:3518:35
17HirePeta Jarvis W20 LEIGBR 18:15
18HireIan Mulcahy M21 INDGBR 18:20
19HireSian Edwards W21 INDGBR 18:21
217401200Nick Ashby M45 SWOCGBR 18:01
242145979Andrew Firth M35 SWOCCYM 18:1018:10
298001732Matt O'Keefe M35 SWOCCYM 18:3618:59
312049784Duncan Innes M55 SWOCGBR 18:5918:58
35HireJeremy Dickson M55 INDCYM 18:2918:2918:2918:2918:2918:29
378077151Gary Davies M40 SWOCGBR 18:4018:4018:4018:40
39HireEmma Harris W35 INDGBR 18:3718:38
40HireRichard Carr M35 INDGBR 18:3818:3518:30
41HireDafydd Davies M45 INDGBR 18:39
44HireTim Davies M40 INDCYM 18:41
478670621Tim Sands M70 BOKGBR 18:03
488242318Carol Sands W70 BOKGBR 18:04
51HireDavid Powlesland M21 SWOCGBR 18:42
52HireMegan Gorry W21 SWOCGBR 18:19
53HireDonna Grant W40 INDGBR 18:07
558428248Marcus Pinker M45 FVOGBR 18:0918:1618:16
59HireCamilla Brueton W40 SWOCGBR 18:12
60HireAlice Lovett W35 MVGBR 18:11
628657539Jill Manning W70 SWOCCYM 18:43
63HireLucie Parkinson W21 IndGBR 18:48
64HireStuart Sheath M21 IndGBR 18:47
668030201Saskia Jones W20 SWOCCYM 18:25
67HireDafydd Davies M45 INDCYM 18:3618:0118:36
69HireDonna Grant W40 BOFGBR 18:03
78HireMenna Enticott W21 INDGBR 18:0418:0418:04
82HireRebecca Emmerson W40 INDGBR 18:21
878282828Richard Cronin M21 NGOCCYM 18:30
939102792Mark Ponsford M21 SWOCGBR 18:15
96HireDavid Powlesland M21 SWOCGBR 18:36
98HireIan Mulcahy M21 INDGBR 18:1218:20
99HireLeon Hughes M40 INDGBR 18:35
1008030201Saskia Jones W20 SWOCCYM 18:2518:2518:2518:25
1168001732Matt O'Keefe M35 SWOCCYM 18:30
117HireSian Regan W35 INDGBR 18:31
118HireColeen Manuel W40 INDGBR 18:32
119HireBea Roberts W40 INDGBR 18:33
120HireSara Shiel W35 INDGBR 18:34
121HireTracey Creedon W40 INDGBR 18:32
122HireDai Phillips M40 INDGBR 18:33
129HireCamilla Brueton W40 SWOCGBR 18:05
130HireAlice Lovett W35 MVGBR 18:06
135263489Alan Tudur Williams M60 INDCYM 18:00
1379102792Mark Ponsford M21 SWOCGBR 18:27
138HireNathaniel Palmer M50 SWOCCYM 18:18
1492049784Duncan Innes M55 SWOCGBR 19:00
150342253Christine Farr W45 SWOCGBR 18:00
157HireStewart Harding M35 INDGBR 18:55
1618190678Tom Foord M40 SWOCCYM 18:30
164HireTracey Creedon W40 INDGBR 18:31
165HireDai Phillips M40 INDGBR 18:32
166HireCamilla Brueton W40 SWOCGBR 18:02
1672032900Alice Lovett W35 MVGBR 18:01
174HireTycho Twohig M16 INDCYM 18:03
175HireThomas Mulder M16 INDCYM 18:05
1789102792Mark Ponsford M21 SWOCGBR 18:07
182HireSian Edwards W21 INDGBR 18:21
185HireSteffan Wells M21 INDGBR 18:22
186HireDavid Powlesland M21 SWOCGBR 18:4018:40
1919102792Mark Ponsford M21 SWOCGBR 18:3018:42
192HireNathaniel Palmer M50 SWOCCYM 18:18
1938190678Tom Foord M40 SWOCGBR 18:3418:35

Medium 3K (83)
16HireThomas Clutton M10 SWOCGBR 18:0518:0518:0518:0518:0518:05
202127445Peter Maloney M75 NGOCCYM 18:4518:4518:45
222145979Andrew Firth M35 SWOCCYM 18:5518:5518:5518:55
25HireAnna Peltor W16 BAOCCYM 18:2618:2418:2418:28
26HireAlex Peltor M14 BAOCCYM 18:2418:2018:2618:32
27HireEmily Peltor W14 BAOCCYM 18:2218:2218:2818:30
28HireLuke Peltor M12 BAOCCYM 18:2818:2618:3018:34
30400406Nigel Ferrand M65 SWOCCYM 18:4618:46
32342253Christine Farr W45 SWOCGBR 18:0218:02
348070550John Mills M70 SWOCCYM 18:18
388628568Jane Bush W60 SWOCCYM 18:0618:1018:1118:1018:1518:11
42HireWilliam Morgan M10 INDGBR 18:16
49HirePablo Nunez M12 SwocGBR 18:13
50HireAusra Ceglyte W45 SwocGBR 18:14
54HireDave Grant M40 INDGBR 18:08
56222321Susan Colbert W70 SWOCGBR 18:15
572800209Peter Colbert M65 SWOCGBR 18:16
5837858Graham Tough M75 SWOCGBR 18:23
61HireJana Purklava W55 SWOCCYM 18:27
65HireJames Grant M35 INDGBR 18:54
68HireDave Grant M40 BOFGBR 18:56
72HirePablo Nunez M12 SWOCGBR 18:13
73HireAusra Ceglyte W45 SWOCGBR 18:14
74HireWilliam Morgan M10 INDGBR 18:33
76221220Rachel Haigh W50 INDGBR 18:38
77221225Andrew Roberts M50 INDGBR 18:30
797992607Anne May W70 SWOCGBR 18:08
838070550John Mills M70 SWOCCYM 18:2518:25
8437858Graham Tough M75 SWOCGBR 18:31
85HireCamilla Brueton W40 SWOCGBR 18:00
862032900Alice Lovett W35 MVGBR 18:01
89HireTycho Twohig M16 INDGBR 18:17
90HireTaliesin Twohig M12 INDGBR 18:18
92HireThomas Mulder M16 INDGBR 18:19
94HireJulie Hoard W55 INDGBR 18:03
95HireAndrew Hoard M55 INDGBR 18:04
972061399Frank Ince M75 SWOCGBR 18:09
102HireJulie Hoard W55 INDGBR 18:12
103HireAndrew Hoard M55 INDGBR 18:13
104HireKezia Hoard W21 INDGBR 18:14
106HireWilliam Morgan M10 INDGBR 18:27
1082800209Peter Colbert M65 SWOCGBR 18:32
109222321Susan Colbert W70 SWOCGBR 18:31
110HireDave Grant M40 BOFGBR 18:07
111HireDonna Grant W40 BOFGBR 18:35
112HireAlys Grant W12 BOFGBR 18:08
114HireCullum Morgan Welch M21 INDCYM 18:02
123HirePablo Nunez M12 SWOCGBR 18:15
124HireAusra Ceglyte W45 SWOCGBR 18:16
125221220Rachel Haigh W50 INDGBR 18:42
126221225Andrew Roberts M50 INDGBR 18:38
127HireRebecca Playle W50 INDGBR 18:17
1362105236Kate Darlington W40 INDGBR 18:50
13937858Graham Tough M75 SWOCGBR 18:33
140438275Charlotte Gisborne W21 INDGBR 18:23
141HireJames Grant M35 INDGBR 18:40
146HireBethany Tordoff W10 IndGBR 18:21
147HirePhilip McDonald M21 INDIRL 18:20
148HireLouisa Jordan W35 INDGBR 18:30
1532127445Peter Maloney M75 NGOCCYM 18:4518:4518:45
154HirePablo Nunez M12 SWOCGBR 18:11
155HireAusra Ceglyte W45 SWOCGBR 18:12
156HireSimone Billi M12 INDGBR 18:13
158438275Charlotte Gisborne W21 INDGBR 18:25
159221220Rachel Haigh W50 INDGBR 18:41
160221225Andrew Roberts M50 INDGBR 18:36
163400406Nigel Ferrand M65 SWOCCYM 18:52
168333757Chris Burgues M65 SWOCGBR 18:14
169HireJulie Hoard W55 INDGBR 18:15
170HireAndrew Hoard M55 INDGBR 18:16
171HireKezia Hoard W21 INDGBR 18:17
172HireLucas Rice M21 INDGBR 18:18
173HireSimone Twohig W45 INDCYM 18:03
176HireBethany Twohig W14 INDCYM 18:04
177HireTaliesin Twohig M12 INDCYM 18:06
1792800209Peter Colbert M65 SWOCGBR 18:20
180222321Susan Colbert W70 SWOCGBR 18:21
1832105236Kate Darlington W40 INDGBR 18:29
184HireJames Grant M35 INDGBR 18:22
187HireMegan Dale W50 INDGBR 18:19
188HireRosa Watts W18 INDGBR 18:23
189HireLona Hudson W18 INDGBR 18:24
190HireSeren Davies W18 INDGBR 18:26

Easy 2K (31)
1HireTommy Chapple M10 INDCYM 18:0018:0018:0018:0018:0018:00
232145979Phoebe Firth W10 INDCYM 18:01
33HireDouglas Innes-Farr M10 SWOCGBR 18:5818:57
36HireIsla Hughes W10 IndGBR 18:10
43HireBethan Morgan W10 INDGBR 18:17
45HireHannah Bennett W12 INDGBR 18:56
46HireAmy Bennett W16 INDGBR 18:57
70HireAlys Grant W12 BOFGBR 18:07
71HireFfion Grant W10 BOFGBR 18:06
75HireBethan Morgan W10 INDGBR 18:34
80HireIsla Hughes W10 INDGBR 18:09
81HireLauren Palmer W10 INDGBR 18:11
88HireSimone Twohig W45 INDGBR 18:21
91HireBethany Twohig W14 INDGBR 18:18
101HireIsla Hughes W10 INDGBR 18:01
107HireBethan Morgan W10 INDGBR 18:28
113HireFfion Grant W10 BOFGBR 18:06
115HireRhian Morgan Welch W21 INDCYM 18:02
128HireTristan McDuff M12 INDCYM 18:10
131HireFletcher French M10 INDGBR 18:31
132HireEla McDuff W10 INDCYM 18:17
133HireRhys Llewellyn M12 INDGBR 18:22
134HireEvan Llewellyn M12 INDGBR 18:26
142HireIzzy Chapple W10 INDCYM 18:03
143HireSophie Wetherill W12 INDGBR 18:08
144HireFrankie Wild W12 INDGBR 18:07
145HireJames Wetherill M16 INDGBR 18:09
151HireDouglas Innes-Farr M10 SWOCGBR 19:00
152HireLee Manuel M40 IndGBR 18:15
162HireIsla Hughes W10 INDGBR 18:02
181HireIzzy Chapple W10 INDCYM 18:06

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