(D) BOK Urban Series - Events 7 to 12 Start List

Wednesday 23 June 2021 - Wednesday 28 July 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=91, Online=100%, Event1=78, Event2=36, Event3=31, Event4=26, Event5=21, Event6=15)
Event 123/06/21Urban series - Clifton & The Downs
Event 230/06/21Urban series - Thornbury
Event 307/07/21Urban series - Long Ashton
Event 414/07/21Urban series - Congresbury
Event 521/07/21Urban series - Trowbridge East
Event 628/07/21Urban series - Chipping Sodbury
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5Event 6
Long (38)
18210876Tommi Grover M45 BOKGBR 17:5018:2017:5018:3017:4517:45
28270681Sara Currie W40 BOKGBR 17:4018:1017:4018:20
6TF HireChris Hale M50 BOKGBR 18:00
78140962Carolyn Dent W55 BOKGBR 18:3018:3018:3018:3218:3018:30
88100260Rob Hick M60 WSXGBR 17:4517:4517:3517:35
121191074Stephen Lysaczenko M55 QOGBR 18:3218:3218:3218:3318:3318:33
162096720Richard Hudson M55 BOKGBR 17:5517:5517:5517:5517:55
218154473Richard Rossington M60 BOKENG 17:3817:3817:3817:3817:38
228628689Jamie Hayward M21 BOKGBR 18:0018:0017:5918:0018:00
238645239David Faulkner M55 BOKENG 17:33 (h)
248645239David Faulkner M55 BOKENG 17:34 (h) (h)
258151255Nick Dennis M60 BOKGBR 17:3417:3317:3317:3317:33
268061001Rachel Dennis W50 BOKGBR 17:3617:3617:3617:3617:36
341401815David Hodson M55 HHENG 18:10
398091172Scott Bailey M45 BOKGBR 18:4518:4518:4518:4518:4518:45
408270503Jim Bailey M18 BOKGBR 18:4618:4618:4618:4618:4618:46
438628705Adam Baker-Hale M45 RAFOENG 18:01
448670621Tim Sands M70 BOKGBR 17:30
458242318Carol Sands W70 BOKGBR 17:35
498657408Owain Jones M40 BOKGBR 19:05
528628560Paul Gebbett M50 BOKGBR 19:1019:1019:1019:10
57HirePaul Craddy M40 BOKGBR 17:51
58HireTanya Morris W35 INDENG 18:35
668094061Ben Maliphant M21 BOKGBR 18:29
698643382Thomas Cochrane M35 NGOCGBR 17:3717:37
708197050Jeremy Tonge M50 BOKGBR 18:50
728669932Oliver Tonge M18 BOKGBR 18:49
738210257Christopher Kelsey M60 BOKGBR 19:00
74HireRoss Field M21 INDGBR 18:40
758641546David Hunt M60 BOKGBR 17:40
76HireCarlos Fernandez Santiago M21 INDESP 18:42
778003051Andrew Tindal M55 BOKGBR 18:1318:1418:1418:1418:14
78HireAlys Smith W21 INDGBR 18:39
79TF HireMatt Gardiner M21 BOKENG 18:44
83TF HireThomas Hiddleston M21 INDENG 18:41
84TF HireRobert Mills M21 BOKGBR 18:51
85TF HireJames Gregory M35 INDGBR 18:0318:0117:30
901205007Nick Rickard M40 BOKENG 17:58

Medium (37)
97300240Steve Robertson M65 QOGBR 17:3117:3117:3117:3117:31
139630724Richard Savage M55 BOKENG 18:00
149081200Pippa Savage W21 BOKENG 18:05
17HireJoanna Howell W21 BOKENG 18:4018:4018:4018:4018:4018:40
182142089Elaine Green W50 BOKGBR 17:5017:50
192105307Lynn Harding W65 BOKGBR 17:30
20HireTori Dadds W50 INDENG 17:51
272145567John Parfitt M75 BOKGBR 17:3319:00 (h)19:00 (h)19:00 (h)19:00 (h)19:00
288180453Chris Johnson M65 BOKENG 17:4017:4017:4017:40
297909197Chris Atkins M40 BOKGBR 18:30
308150251Brian Curtis M70 BOKGBR 17:32
318180751Sue Curtis W70 BOKGBR 17:33
322080031Helena Fielder W40 BOKGBR 17:4117:4117:4117:4117:4117:41
338120277Agnes Kaminska W40 BOKENG 17:45 (h)17:45 (h)17:4517:4517:4517:45
351401816Viv Hodson W55 HHENG 18:10
388657440David Palmer M75 BOKENG 17:47
418030497Amy Curtis W50 BOKGBR 18:4518:4518:4518:4518:4518:45
422043497Neil Connelly M75 BOKGBR 18:3018:3018:3018:30
478667384Amy Lee-Jones W16 BOKGBR 17:46
488030940Jim Mallinson M70 SLOWENG 17:42
50TF HireEllen Harrison W21 INDGBR 19:05
512019680Michael Forrest W65 BOKENG 18:0118:0018:00
53261878Chris Palmer M40 INDGBR 18:03
54TF HireVicky Tester W40 INDGBR 18:02
552074463Ted McDonald M75 BOKENG 18:43
599197600Nicola Morris W45 BOKGBR 17:59
618328268Rosalind Taunton W70 NGOCENG 17:39
628300650Paul Taunton M70 NGOCENG 17:34
63780015Keith Agmen M35 BOKGBR 19:15
658074174Karen Crawford W50 BOKGBR 17:36 (h)
678051968Martin Lewis M50 QOGBR 17:4917:4217:4217:4217:4217:42
719102795Louise Tonge W50 BOKGBR 18:50
807207229Ian France M65 BOKGBR 17:3817:3817:38
818657513Peter Maliphant M65 BOKGBR 17:4317:32
822058307Kate Maliphant W60 BOKGBR 17:3717:33
872115190Forbes MacDougall M60 BOKGBR 17:44
89TF HireCallum Moore M21 INDENG 18:31

Short (16)
3HireJuliet Horsfield W10 BOKGBR 17:30
4HireJuliet Horsfield W10 BOKGBR 17:30
5HireJuliet Horsfield W10 BOKGBR 17:30
1050055Julia Robertson W65 QOGBR 17:3117:3117:3117:3117:31
11HireAmy Watts W10 BOKGBR 17:3517:3517:35
151403068Nigel Britton M70 JOKGBR 17:3817:32
368639642Carol Iddles W65 BOKGBR 17:32 (h)
371412025Anne Palmer W70 BOKGBR 17:47
461426921Marcus Perry M12 BOKGBR 18:1517:50
56HireIsla Overy W10 BOKGBR 18:08
6037567Joseph Morris M14 BOKGBR 17:59
648145409Tamasine Leighton-Crawford W35 BOKGBR 18:02
68TF HireAndrea Watkins W21 BOFESP 18:10
86HireMatilda MacDougall W12 BOKGBR 17:42
88HireZoe MacDougall W45 BOKGBR 17:41
91HireDebbie Firth W45 INDGBR 17:58

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