Rhedwyr Hebog Membership to 31/03/2022 Member List

Thursday 31 March 2022 Member Statistics (Total=35, Online=100%) See the Club Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
Name Age
Senior (21+) (35)
1Sian Williams W40 GBR
2Goronwy Hughes M45 GBR
3Dwynwen Pennant W50 GBR
4Stephen Shakespeare M45 GBR
5Glynn Oxley M60 GBR
6Elliot Davis MSEN GBR
7Emyr Davies M75 GBR
8Lona Williams W45 GBR
9Nicola Williams W40 GBR
10Rowland Sharp M60 GBR
11Sian Roberts W50 GBR
12Carla Lauder W40 GBR
13Sioned Jenkins W40 GBR
14Paul Jones M45 GBR
15Geraint Ellis MSEN GBR
16Gerwyn Ephraim M45 GBR
17Glesni Williams Davies W40 GBR
18Gavin Buckley M40 GBR
19Iwan Ap Trefor M40 GBR
20Gwen Cooper W50 GBR
21Kathryn Roberts W45 GBR
22Saul Cluer MSEN GBR
23Sian Owen WSEN GBR
24Iona Pickard W40 GBR
25Iolo Williams M55 GBR
26Llinos Alun W45 GBR
27Delyth Evans W40 GBR
28Gwydion ap Wynn M40 GBR
29Lauren Hill WSEN CYM
30Emma Lewis WSEN GBR
31Dylan Griffiths MSEN GBR
32Elis Jones MSEN GBR
33Leslie Thomas-Pugh W50 GBR
34Sian Evans W50 GBR
35Kern Hankins M55 GBR

Junior (18-20) (0)

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