Caerphilly Challenge Series - The Wild Boar 2021 Start List

Saturday 10 July 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=260 + 23 on the waiting list, Online=99%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. Your allocated Challenge Number will be published in the Race No. column below once entries close. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
22 mile (self led challenge) (100)
62tbaMark Adams GBR
167tbaSean Adams Risca RamblersGBR
6tbaMartyn Birch Ystrad Mynach Running ClubGBR
188tbaCaroline Bird GBR
32tbaRichard Bracey GBR
72tbaBeverley Brown GBR
110tbaGloria Browning GBR
146tbaAilsa Burridge GBR
74tbaChristian Burridge GBR
63tbaAndrew Canham GBR
59tbaMike Canham GBR
65tbaPeter Carlick GBR
1tbaMartin Cattroll GBR
168tbaDavid Cleere GBR
171tbaRhys Cleere Risca Ramblers GBR
56tbaRebecca Coles GBR
19tbaElinor Coulmon GBR
165tbaConnor Dimmick GBR
131tbaEleri Dobbs GBR
132tbaRobert Dobbs GBR
118tbaHayley Donovan GBR
155tbaRodley Evans GBR
142tbaStephen Evans GBR
51tbaJon Finch GBR
145tbaAlan Fishwick GBR
11tbaJudith Fox GBR
114tbaPeter Francombe GBR
71tbaJohanna Freedman GBR
70tbaRichard Freedman GBR
111tbaPaul Freeman GBR
119tbaNicola Fulin GBR
39tbaHolly Fullalove GBR
13tbaJames Garlick GBR
169tbaStuart George GBR
166tbaShaun Gittings GBR
44tbaStacey Godwin GBR
15tbaBethan Griffiths GBR
156tbaMurray Harvey GBR
174tbaJonathan Haynes GBR
103tbaLewis Holmes The Bean Walking ClubGBR
102tbaRay Holmes The Bean Walking ClubGBR
120tbaSimon Hooper GBR
122tbaWilliam Hooper GBR
14tbaGerry Jackson GBR
117tbaBethan Jones GBR
108tbaJo Jones GBR
109tbaNicolas Jones GBR
175tbaLaurie Kidman Risca RamblersGBR
164tbaPatrick Kitson GBR
172tbaBlaine Llewellyn Risca RamblersGBR
9tbaCheryl Llewellyn GBR
75tbaDavid Lloyd GBR
50tbaJames Lott BARODGBR
187tbaBryan Main GBR
112tbaRobert Mainwaring GBR
17tbaRuth McKeag GBR
196tbaColin Mcmahon Machen WobblersGBR
49tbaGareth Mills GBR
38tbaSarah Moody IrongangGBR
139tbaAndrew Morgan GBR
190tbaLee Morgan GBR
173tbaStephen Morgan GBR
98tbaAbbie Morgan O’Sullivan GBR
10tbaClaire Murray South Wales LDWAGBR
52tbaDavid Myers Gemini Outdoor GBR
26tbaNicky Oliver GBR
58tbaEmma Peterson GBR
92tbaNerys Porch GBR
93tbaTim Porch GBR
136tbaMartin Price GBR
27tbaPaul Pulvirenti GBR
170tbaLloyd Randall GBR
157tbaAnthony Read GBR
125tbaSimon Reid GBR
113tbaJulianne Richards GBR
7tbaGethin Roberts Ystrad runnersGBR
30tbaJoely Rose GBR
36tbaSophie Rose GBR
177tbaSam Ryall GBR
16tbaYearsley Sally GBR
57tbaVanessa Sanders GBR
25tbaStuart Sargent Ystrad RunnersGBR
18tbaClaire Smith GBR
12tbaEllen Struthers GBR
5tbaIan Struthers GBR
4tbaNicola Struthers GBR
33tbaChris Tarbuck GBR
24tbaDan Twydale GBR
23tbaKelly Twydale GBR
176tbaEmma Voyce GBR
34tbaScott Walker Caerphilly Triers GBR
8tbaGraham Wearne Ystrad RunnersGBR
22tbaPhilip West GBR
148tbaLee White GBR
147tbaLowri White GBR
76tbaPetra Williams GBR
61tbaTerry Williams GBR
186tbaCarl Winters GBR
31tbaJennifer Yeo Hengoed HarriersGBR
69tbaCalvin Yip GBR

22 mile (led walk) (15)
199tbaZeb Dale GBR
276tbaEuros Edwards GBR
90tbaIan Goodson GBR
197tbaOwain Hackling Risca RamblersGBR
161tbaPatrick Isaac GBR
266tbaIzabela Kowalewska GBR
48tbaClive Lane GBR
35tbaJuiet Larsen GBR
200tbaRobert Maggi GBR
265tbaStewart McGovern GBR
191tbaColin McGowan GBR
189tbaJulie Morris GBR
37tbaSarah Potts GBR
163tbaLuthfur Rahman GBR
198tbaJames Wilson Risca RamblersGBR

15 mile (self led challenge) (95)
267tbaMike Alcock GBR
143tbaDavid Bailyes Caerphilly RunnersGBR
240tbaMelanie Baker SWLDWAGBR
217tbaHelen Ball GBR
194tbaRachael Baralos Caerphilly RunnersGBR
205tbaSara Bines GBR
281tbaMitch Bosse Caerphilly RunnersGBR
138tbaDavid Bowring GBR
193tbaHelen Cann GBR
192tbaMartyn Carpenter GBR
269tbaPeter Cawley GBR
21tbaSarah Cox GBR
106tbaBen Crozier GBR
105tbaJudy Crozier GBR
158tbaMatt Crozier GBR
64tbaAlyson Davies GBR
185tbaJulie Davies GBR
183tbaKaren Davies GBR
134tbaMatthew Davies GBR
137tbaStephen Davies GBR
81tbaLisa Davies-stallard Prosecco women walking GBR
212tbaAdele Dimmick GBR
211tbaAndrew Dimmick GBR
250tbaLlyr Evans GBR
43tbaRob Evans GBR
91tbaGill Farrell Caerphilly Triers GBR
124tbaHarries Ffion GBR
95tbaJane Finch IrongangGBR
97tbaRuth Finch Sole Sisters North BristolGBR
80tbaAnge Fitzgerald GBR
263tbaClaire Forth GBR
264tbaSteve Forth GBR
128tbaAmanda Francis GBR
127tbaCerys Gambold GBR
129tbaIeuan Gambold GBR
130tbaTeifion Gambold GBR
82tbaMaggie Gibbs GBR
89tbaMaria Gibbs Prosseco Ladies Walking GBR
68tbaTracey Gilby GBR
126tbaNatasha Green Prosecco Women Walking GBR
84tbaSuzanne Green Prosecco Women Walking GBR
252tbaSally Griffiths GBR
115tbaEmily Hackett GBR
79tbaMarie-Claire Hackett Prosecco women walkingGBR
251tbaDarriell Hair GBR
204tbaTamlyn Hall GBR
206tbaPaul Hardy GBR
282tbaKathryn Harvey GBR
154tbaKatie Holmes The Bean Walking ClubGBR
104tbaSophie Holmes The Bean Walking ClubGBR
87tbaLesley Hughes GBR
195tbaCath James Caerphilly RunnersGBR
151tbaAmy Kelleher GBR
78tbaGregory Kidner GBR
77tbaMatthew Kidner GBR
182tbaIngrid Kirk GBR
202tbaJeffrey Knock Men of GwentGBR
140tbaKurt Lardner GBR
141tbaTaine Lardner GBR
88tbaSue Low GBR
201tbaColin Macfarlane Men of GwentGBR
203tbaKathryn McMahon GBR
149tbaBrian Morgan GBR
144tbaGraham Morgan GBR
153tbaLaura Morgan Caerphilly RunnersGBR
279tbaLaura Morgan Caerphilly RunnersGBR
116tbaSara Nicholas GBR
268tbaRonan O'Connell GBR
67tbaClaire Osborne GBR
280tbaKaylea Palkowski Caerphilly RunnersGBR
241tbaMollie Parfitt GBR
54tbaJane Parrott GBR
53tbaNigel Parrott GBR
55tbaRhys Parry GBR
162tbaRuss Pearce GBR
225tbaChristopher Pearce Webb GBR
226tbaLorna Pearce Webb GBR
242tbaZachary Piera GBR
152tbaLaurence Pole GBR
123tbaSharon Powell GBR
86tbaLyndsey Prothero Prosecco Women Walking GBR
3tbaCarly Reagon GBR
20tbaElizabeth Simon GBR
150tbaSharon Smith Caerphilly RunnersGBR
184tbaTrina Stewart GBR
214tbaAlison Thomas GBR
213tbaMark Thomas GBR
66tbaLouise Walker GBR
85tbaKaren Walsh GBR
83tbaClare Walters Prosecco women walkingGBR
159tbaIsabelle Walters GBR
160tbaOlivia Walters GBR
270tbaNeil Weaver GBR
231*tbaBlackwood youth club Williams Blackwood Youth Club 1GBR
232*tbaBlackwood Youth club Williams Blackwood Youth Club 2GBR

15 mile (led walk) (15)
96tbaMicheal Bateman GBR
181tbaGlynys Davies GBR
29tbaNia Davies GBR
178tbaSue Davies GBR
60tbaGary George GBR
179tbaJan Henley GBR
28tbaHelen Jenkins GBR
121tbaMarcia Jones GBR
180tbaKath Matthews GBR
40tbaCarol Oneil GBR
135tbaLeynie Pearn GBR
41tbaSharon Rees Hoidn GBR
73tbaDarren Romais GBR
107tbaNicola Tonge GBR
42tbaClaire Winfield GBR

9-11 mile (led walk) (34)
272tbaAndrea Assirati GBR
233tbaMadeleine Brindley GBR
236tbaAnna Brodrick GBR
256tbaLiz Butler GBR
255tbaLynne Carter GBR
208tbaAndrew Cleary GBR
209tbaCheryl Cleary GBR
210tbaEthan Cleary GBR
284tbaClaire Coakley CCJGBR
224tbaCarl Dallimore GBR
223tbaLianne Dallimore GBR
275tbaCarin Davies GBR
207tbaRebecca Davies GBR
253tbaSusan George GBR
99tbaAndrea Hickman GBR
100tbaJohn Hickman GBR
94tbaLouise Hickman GBR
239tbaTrudy Hurford Lliswerry RunnersGBR
238tbaKathryn James GBR
133tbaMartin Lanchbury GBR
237tbaMichelle Lord GBR
45tbaKatharine Majer GBR
46tbaLiz Majer GBR
254tbaLeslie Mayne GBR
283tbaJulie Owen CCJGBR
258tbaMike Parfitt GBR
257tbaSian Parfitt GBR
285tbaClaire Perks CCJGBR
274tbaLynda Rees GBR
271tbaJoanne Robinson GBR
278tbaAnn Marie Thomas GBR
277tbaAnne Marie Thomas GBR
47tbaLouisa Tudge GBR
273tbaRhiann Williams GBR

1-5 mile (led walk) (1)
101tbaThomas Gilbert GBR

22 mile (self led challenge) waiting list (23)
216tbaMartyn Williams GBR
218tbaHayley Lewis GBR
219tbaSamantha Evans GBR
220tbaZoe Price GBR
221tbaHuwie Price GBR
222tbaNigel Barge GBR
227tbaSandra Freeman GBR
228tbaSarah Giblett GBR
229tbaMatthew Hoskins GBR
230tbaRuth Giblett GBR
234tbaViv Gelder GBR
235tbaAndrew Price GBR
243tbaJo Lee GBR
244tbaAlun Radcliffe GBR
245tbaOlga Fernandez GBR
246tbaMaeve Elwood GBR
247tbaNick Elwood GBR
248tbaSimon O’Brien GBR
249tbaDebbie O’Brien GBR
259tbaRajendran Nachiappan GBR
260tbaRagupathi Ramasamy GBR
261tbaPeter Rawlinson Machen Wobblers GBR
262tbaClaire Forth GBR

22 mile (led walk) waiting list (0)

15 mile (self led challenge) waiting list (0)

15 mile (led walk) waiting list (0)

9-11 mile (led walk) waiting list (0)

1-5 mile (led walk) waiting list (0)

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