Wild Wales Challenge 2021 Start List

Sunday 29 August 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=84, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Wild Wales (84)
73Fraser Alan M65 Port Sunlight WheelersGBR
10Roger Allen M60 Stourbridge CCGBR
16Tim Arkell M45 Wolverhampton Wheelers CCGBR
8Gary Beamish M55 Port Sunlight WheelersGBR
9Terry Bolland M55 Harry Middleton CCGBR
24Peter Brown M60 Bravehearts cycle club GBR
34Stephen Brown M65 Rhos on SeaGBR
55Steven Butterworth M55 Saddleworth ClarionGBR
41Stuart Camp M55 CTC WiltshireGBR
54Andrew Clarke MU17 Birkenhead North EndGBR
52Ian Clarke M50 Birkenhead North EndGBR
53Nicole Clarke WU23 Birkenhead North EndGBR
51Ros Clarke W50 Port Sunlight WheelersGBR
31Peter Conway M65 St Helens and Warrington CTCGBR
48Glen Costain M45 TECGBR
43Dave Cutts M55 Port Sunlight WheelersGBR
13Mike Deeley M60 Stourbridge Cycling Club GBR
93Martin Dennis M60 GBR
94Susan Dennis W60 GBR
7Rob Duckworth M50 Liverpool Phoenix CCGBR
65Stephen Edwards M45 Wolverhampton Wheelers CCGBR
82Russell Ellis M45 Fibrax Wrexham Roads ClubGBR
20Lowri Evans W55 Chester & N Wales CTCGBR
83Alan Fletcher M50 Liverpool Phoenix GBR
96Mike Foran M60 CtcGBR
91Nick Gilling M50 GBR
74John Gillmore M60 East Liverpool WheelersGBR
25Keith Godfrey M50 Ruthin CCGBR
38Andrew Gomery M55 GBR
35Paul Greer M70 Abbotsford Park RCGBR
67Mark Griffiths M50 North Wales CogsGBR
19Kevin Hayward M50 Stourbridge cc GBR
36Alastair Hopkins M55 Wolverhampton WheelersGBR
37Alice Hopkins WU23 Wolverhampton WheelersGBR
1Michael Howard M40 Liverpool Phoenix CCGBR
78Geoffrey Hughes M55 Marford & Gresford Velo ClubGBR
6Ian Humphreys M45 Liverpool phoenix GBR
4Dan Hurst M45 Ruthin CCGBR
86David Jefferys M50 TTTGBR
87Trudie Jefferys W55 TTTGBR
95Andrew Jones MSEN Rhos on Sea GBR
23Deian Jones MSEN Chester Road ClubGBR
29Haydn Jones M45 Fibrax Wrexham RCGBR
3Alan Kemp M70 Weaver Valley CCGBR
2James Kenningham M50 Fibrax Wrexham Roads ClubGBR
28Daniel Kremer M45 Saddleworth CCCGBR
76Robin Kyte M65 Wolverhampton Wheelers C. C.GBR
18Ben Lambert MSEN Hoole Wet WeatherGBR
17Dave Lambert M55 Hoole Wet WeatherGBR
66Robin Little M70 GBR
46Jamie Mackie M45 GBR
5Graeme Macleod M45 Liverpool Braveheart GBR
72Anil Marcelline M55 London impsGBR
77Ian Mason M60 Chester CTCGBR
70Stephen David Mazzone M55 NW CogsGBR
90Ian McConnell M50 GBR
84Tom McCullough M75 Merseyside and North Wales CTCGBR
68Bob McPartland M60 Seamons Cycling ClubGBR
33Roger Moon M65 DysynniGBR
60Richard Moss M50 GBR
88Rob Nelson M55 Abbotsford Park ccGBR
21Keith O'Gorman M45 Chester RCGBR
80Steve Panter M55 GBR
92Scott Phillips M45 Liverpool PhoenixGBR
30Anne Radford W60 CTC North WalesGBR
42Ray Read M60 Chester Road CliubGBR
85Simon Robinson M45 Macclesfield WheelersGBR
15Anja Roeding WSEN Exeter Wheelers Cycling ClubGBR
81Martin Rogers M60 GBR
56John Sabine M45 GBR
59Kevin Sammons M65 Cycling ukGBR
26Pam Saunders W60 Stourbridge CCGBR
69Maria Seale W50 London ImpsGBR
39Jon Siddle MSEN Hoole Wet Weather ClubGBR
14Gareth Silcock M55 Stourbridge Cycling ClubGBR
89Jason Taylor M50 West Bromwich CTCGBR
12Mark Titchener M65 Harry Middleton CCGBR
44Steven Whittle M55 Liverpool Braveheart BC GBR
75David Wilson M45 Welland Valley CCGBR
11Arthur Winstanley M65 Liverpool PhoenixGBR
50Barrie Woodcock M65 GBR
64Fiona Wright W55 GBR
79Ian Wright M65 Marford & Gresford Velo ClubGBR
40Simon Wynne M50 Cyclo CymruGBR

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