Fen Drayton 10K and Fun Run Start List

Sunday 02 May 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=75, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
10K (65)
14Lexi Abbey WU23 GBR
16Nick Abbey M65 GBR
29Adam Airey M45 GBR
28Sarah Airey W50 GBR
86Sue Bailey W60 Team BexGBR
12Gareth Barker MSEN GBR
3Caroline Bradshaw W45 GBR
66Gary Brims M50 GBR
67Nicola Brims W50 GBR
64Vicky Brockbank WSEN GBR
47Melanie Bruce W45 GBR
2Steve Butrym M40 Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR
33Vicky Cook W40 GBR
58Emma Court W40 GBR
10Malcolm Darvill M60 GBR
37Gary Dew M55 Godmanchester Running ClubGBR
36Julie Dew W55 Godmanchester Running ClubGBR
19Danny Dicks M55 GBR
8Jane Dobinson W55 GBR
9Martin Dobinson M60 GBR
82Paul Dobinson MSEN GBR
5Jon Druce M50 GBR
79Jeremy Dyer M60 Fen edge runners GBR
81Jo Elliot W40 NoneGBR
1Michael Fagan M50 Lonely goat running club GBR
49Lauren Farmer WSEN GBR
87Chris Fennell M45 GBR
78Hannah Flack WSEN GBR
77Jane Fricker W45 GBR
4Peter Glazebrook M50 NoneGBR
13Esther Goodwin W45 Thorney Running ClubGBR
22Sarah Gregory WSEN GBR
83Jack Hendry MSEN GBR
11Liz Hyslop W65 Ely Runners GBR
31Simon Kerr M65 GBR
32Sue Kerr W60 GBR
62Bethany Kiamil WSEN GBR
63Marcus Kiamil MU23 GBR
52David Lacy M45 GBR
48Chris Lowery M50 GBR
6Frances McCullagh W50 GBR
54Ben Meadows M40 Cambridge & Coleridge ACGBR
39Samantha Morris WSEN GBR
85Simon O’Neill M40 GBR
74Dan Oldridge MSEN GBR
44Zoe Park WSEN Lets Run Girls Fen DraytonGBR
17Kathy Parker W55 GBR
73Lydia Parkinson WSEN GBR
65Tyler Peacock MSEN GBR
43Louisa Phillips WSEN Let's Run GirlsGBR
30Tracey Read W45 GBR
68Claire Roberts WSEN GBR
34Pauline Robson W50 GBR
55Jeni Sawford W45 GBR
27Jo Seddon WSEN Fen Edge RunnersGBR
45Robert Shaw M65 Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR
53Chirs Skinner M45 GBR
41Peter Stearn M60 GBR
20Janet Stones W50 Fen Edge RunnersGBR
59Oakes Summerfield MU13 GBR
75Jonathan Townson MSEN GBR
56Claire Turner W50 GBR
25Clare Wade W55 GBR
15Mark Ware M45 GBR
84Lucie Williams WSEN GBR

Fun Run (10)
80Mark Beresford MSEN GBR
70Chiara Davis WU7 GBR
69Imogen Davis WU11 GBR
50Elliott Farmer MU7 GBR
51Toby Farmer MU5 GBR
23Baxter Gregory MU9 GBR
24Gus Gregory MU5 GBR
76Ella Gunton WU9 GBR
60Gage Summerfield MU8 GBR
57Oliver Turner MU23 GBR

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