Kelston 10K Start List

Sunday 03 January 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=55, Online=95%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 15 September 2020 See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
10K (55)
1Debbie Emery W45 GBR tba
2Storm Hayward WSEN Team Bath ACGBR tba
3Katie Ronald W45 Bristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBR tba
4Denise Osborne W50 Westfield TTGBR tba
5Helen Blackburn W50 GBR tba
6Theodore Roberts MSEN GBR tba
7Graham Sleightholme M45 Bristol Trail RunnersGBR tba
8Richard Parker MSEN GBR tba
9Anna Thomas W55 Emersons Green Running ClubGBR tba
10Emily Holdaway WSEN Great Western RunnersGBR tba
11Claire Brewer WSEN GBR tba
12Maria Randall W50 NBRGGBR tba
13Adam Griffiths MSEN GBR tba
14Tricia Pollard W50 Town & Country HarriersGBR tba
15Seema Srivastava W45 This Mum RunsGBR tba
16Dan Davies M45 GBR tba
17Simon Knapp MSEN GBR tba
18Richard Griffin M40 GBR tba
19Richard Blythe MSEN GBR tba
20Emma Wright W45 Bitton Road RunnersGBR tba
21Jonathan Wright M50 Bitton Road RunnersGBR tba
22Kim Thomas M45 GBR tba
23Lilyblue Southam W40 GBR tba
24Carrie Cutlan W40 GBR tba
25Steven Miller M45 Mendip trail runners GBR tba
26Richard Breakspear M40 Goodgym GBR tba
27Caroline McAleese W40 Vegan Runners UKGBR tba
28Marcin Czuba MSEN Mendip Trail RunnersGBR tba
29Jackie Thomas W60 Sole Sisters North BristolGBR tba
30Lisa Hawker W50 GBR tba
31Steve Holmes M60 GBR tba
32Jeff Holmes MSEN GBR tba
33Louise Hargreaves WSEN Salt and Sham GBR tba
34Damian Luscombe M40 Vegan Runners UKGBR tba
35Sarah Pickard W40 GBR tba
36Michael Stanley M60 Team Bath ACGBR tba
37Darrell Swift M45 GBR tba
38*Maria Sage W40 GBR tba
39*Mark Sage M45 GBR tba
40*Claire Perry W40 GBR tba
41Sharon Jones W45 GBR tba
42Jo Terry W40 GBR tba
43Carl Tucker M50 Team Bath ACGBR tba
44Siobhan Myles WSEN GBR tba
45Charlotte Fryer W40 GBR tba
46Lucy Cartlidge W40 GBR tba
47Adam Jones M40 GBR tba
48Amy Whiting WSEN GBR tba
49Samantha Gratton WSEN GBR tba
50Jonathan Orchard MSEN GBR tba
51Stephanie Bell WSEN GBR tba
52Dayton Little M55 GBR tba
53Rhian Drinkwater WSEN Lonely Goat RCGBR tba
54Sheila Wilcox W50 GBR tba
55Anita Davies W50 North Bristol Running GroupGBR tba

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