Leinster Orienteering Championships 2020 Start List

Sunday 27 September 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=69, Online=100%) Start times: 10:30 to 13:30 See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
M10 (1)
41701216Alfie Tyner M10 SETIRL tba(m)

M12 (1)
232068108Hugh Browne M14 GENIRL tba(e)

M14 (4)
212800076Gerry Browne M14 GENIRL tba(e)
532127443Cian O Donnell M14 GENIRL tba(m)
561482244Conor Masterson M14 CNOCIRL tba(m)
632107674Oscar Rowe M14 GENIRL tba

M16 (3)
51391159Tivon Tyner M16 SETIRL tba(m)
398141415Dan Murphy M16 LVOGBR tba
40448536Zach Murphy M16 LVOIRL tba

M18 (2)
318311421Cuan Riordan M18 3ROCIRL tba(l)
362105324Daniel Earnshaw M18 LVOIRL tba(e)

M20 (1)
272038649Codi Kelly Morrish M20 Cork OIRL tba(m)

M21E (4)
92077124Valdas Tilunas M40 3RocIRL tba
108656821John O'Donovan M21 AJAXIRL tba(e)
252058318Cameryn Kelly Morrish M21 Cork OIRL tba(m)
47868060Kevin O' Boyle M21 CNOCIRL tba

M21L (0)

M21S (0)

M35 (1)
2610847David Healy M35 GENIRL tba(m)

M40 (2)
377203884Mick Farrell M40 CNOCIRL tba(e)
541879648David Masterson M40 CNOCIRL tba(m)

M45 (2)
192068115Eoin Browne M45 GENIRL tba(e)
501407573Gavan Doherty M45 GENIRL tba(l)

M45S (0)

M50 (6)
31391155Angus Tyner M50 SETIRL tba(m)
308311422John Riordan M50 3ROCIRL tba(l)
32400404Colin Smith M50 LVOGBR tba(e)
512127444Martin O Donnell M50 GENIRL tba(m)
602107671Brian Rowe M50 GENIRL tba
69449519Brian Farren M50 FINIRL tba(m)

M55 (9)
71399420Paul Smyth M55 AjaxIRL tba(e)
111845179Brendan Delaney M55 DFOIRL tba(l)
121006553Michael Long M55 AJAXIRL tba
161006610Dave Weston M55 SetantaIRL tba
178632892Des Fletcher M55 NWOCGBR tba
288641506Robin Bryson M55 FERMOIRL tba(l)
352115187Mark Earnshaw M55 LVONI tba(e)
448190590Burton Michael M55 LVOIRL tba(m)
662066904Ciaran Donaghy M55 GENIRL tba(m)

M60 (2)
382120747Denis Murphy M60 LVOGBR tba
461399410Senan O' Boyle M60 CNOCIRL tba

M65 (2)
111909John de Lacy M65 AJAXIRL tba(l)
4251098Joe Lalor M65 GENIRL tba(m)

M70 (1)
1551001Donal Burke M75 CorkOIRL tba(m)

M75 (1)
1850413Pat Flanagan M75 3ROCIRL tba(m)

M80 (0)

M85 (0)

M90 (0)

W10 (1)
551399425Aoife Masterson W10 CNOCIRL tba(m)

W12 (2)
222068109Niamh Browne W12 GENIRL tba(l)
642107675Fionnuala Rowe W12 GENIRL tba

W14 (0)

W16 (3)
262066853Mia Kelly Morrish W16 Cork OIRL tba(m)
52427596Clodagh O Donnell W16 GENIRL tba(m)
622107673Emily Rowe W16 GENIRL tba

W18 (2)
61006550Zoë Tyner W18 SETIRL tba(m)
682069582Cliodhna Donaghy W18 GENIRL tba(m)

W20 (1)
492064235Rachel Collins W20 LVOIRL tba

W21E (1)
348651796Sam McNeilly W21 LVONI tba(m)

W21L (0)

W21S (2)
5751078Anne-Marie Masterson W40 CNOCIRL tba(m)
672066891Aoife Donaghy W21 GENIRL tba(m)

W35 (1)
4310843Niamh Lalor W35 GENIRL tba(m)

W40 (5)
82077129Inga Lisauskiene W40 3RocIRL tba
14HireMaja Drapiewska W40 WEGOIRL tba(m)
291399675Sarah Ni Ruairc W40 FINGALIRL tba
338656114Sharon Dickenson W40 LVOGBR tba(e)
59760217Moire O'Sullivan W40 LVOGBR tba

W45 (2)
202068111Deirdre Coyle W45 GENIRL tba(m)
612107672Martina Rowe W45 GENIRL tba

W45S (0)

W50 (1)
242066865Eadaoin Morrish W50 Cork OIRL tba(m)

W55 (2)
131006577Catherine King W55 AJAXIRL tba
652078584Edith Bridcut W55 GENIRL tba(m)

W60 (1)
451399409Bernie O' Boyle W60 CNOCIRL tba

W65 (2)
4110836Nora Lalor W65 GENIRL tba(m)
488629122Mary Healy W65 GENIRL tba(m)

W70 (1)
5810820Maire Walsh W70 Three RockIRL tba(m)

W75 (0)

W80 (0)

W85 (0)

W90 (0)

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