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Torfaen Sprint Relays Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=44, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name Start Time
Senior Female (up to 139) (0)

Vet Female (140+) (0)

Senior Male (up to 159) (4)
9James ElgarMSENMicky Morris Racing TeamGBRMMRT Young Gunstba
Matthew GranthamMU23Micky Morris Racing TeamGBRtba
Leighton RawlinsonMSENMicky Morris Racing TeamGBRtba
Ben MilesMU19Micky Morris Racing TeamGBRtba

Vet Male (160+) (8)
10Ryan McFlynnM40Micky Morris Racing TeamGBRMMRT Vet 1tba
Mike GriffithsMSENMicky Morris Racing TeamGBRtba
Steph SimmsM50Micky Morris Racing TeamGBRtba
Mark JenningsM45Micky Morris Racing TeamGBRtba
11Sean TaylorM40Micky Morris Racing TeamGBRMMRT Vet 2tba
Robert JohnM40Micky Morris Racing TeamGBRtba
Iestyn RhodesM40Micky Morris Racing TeamGBRtba
Lee JonesM40Micky Morris Racing TeamGBRtba

Senior Mixed 2x2 (up to 149) (0)

Vet Mixed 2x2 (150+) (32)
1Bev YanezW60Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba(nc)
Robert PriceM45Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba(nc)
Lisa O’ConnellW40Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba(nc)
Huw DaviesM45Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba(nc)
2Carys ThomasWSENDragons RC (Aberdare)GBRImagine Dragons tba
Alan MatthewsM60Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Ffion DaviesWSENDragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Brendan Price M45Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
3Rhian LlewellynW40Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRDouble Dragons tba
Chris SummerillMSENDragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Gail EvansWSENDragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Mark JonesM60Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
4Karlie Jo DaviesWSENDragons RC (Aberdare)GBRSoup Dragonstba
Kevin MacDonaldM50Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Kara DaviesWSENDragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Lee JamesM45Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
5Bev YanezW60Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBREnter The Dragontba
Robert PriceM45Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Lisa O’ConnellW40Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Huw DaviesM45Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
6Nicola WilliamsW40Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRBlack Dragonstba
John DaviesM55Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Vicky GriffithsW40Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Marcus DaviesM45Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
7Kath Doughton SmithW45Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRFlying Dragonstba
Darren BoothM50Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Suzanne DaviesW45Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
Trevor HayM55Dragons RC (Aberdare)GBRtba
8Mike TitleyM50Lliswerry RunnersGBRMike’s Miraclestba
Louise MutehamWSENLliswerry RunnersGBRtba
Leanne WestacottW45Lliswerry RunnersGBRtba
Tom WatkinsMSENLliswerry RunnersGBRtba

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