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Clevedon Aquathlon Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=31, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name Start Time
Sprint (23)
1Wendy McGreerW50GBRtba
3Richard HomerMSENGBRtba
4Stella JensenW55GBRtba
5Kevin ProctorM45Yeo MoorGBRtba
6Nick ReevesMSENGBRtba
8Ian DuncanM50GBRtba
9Heather DuncanWU17GBRtba
10Alex DuncanMU15GBRtba
11Valentino OrioloM40PACTriGBRtba
12Martin BirdM55Nailsea Running ClubGBRtba
13Richard WilsonM55GBRtba
14Matthew BanwellMSENPactri GBRtba
15Samantha SavageW45PAC TriGBRtba
16Lorna FergusonWSENGBRtba
17Paul MooresM55GBRtba
20Stevan JonesM45GBRtba
21Vyvyan EvansWSENGBRtba
25Jon BurrageMSENGBRtba
26Jonathan HancockM60Usk RunnersGBRtba
27Michelle GuestW45Great Western RunnersGBRtba
28Steve O'HalloranM45Great Western RunnersGBRtba
29Eoin O'HalloranMU15Bristol and west athletics , Henlease swim club GBRtba
30Rebecca HowarthWU23Aberystwyth University HarriersGBRtba

Sprint Team (0)

Novice (8)
2Jo LondonW50CLASSGBRtba
7Natasha DunneW40GBRtba
18Jim SheeranM65South West SealsGBRtba
19Mary-Jane GallieWSENGBRtba
22William BissetMSENGBRtba
23Nicola GilgW40GBRtba
24Heike Cappel-PorterWSENGBRtba
31Martin HowarthM55GBRtba

Novice Team (0)

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