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Wolfs Pit Fell Race Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=62, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country  
9.2K / 467m (62)
44Bevan AdamsM45Retford ACGBR
21Chris AllenM55Holme Pierrepont RCGBR
37Tim AllmanM50Formula One Circuit CrewGBR
59Peter BaileyM55Buxton ACGBR
20Richard BaldwinM40Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
61Graham BarnesM65GBR
48Nicola BlatherwickWSENSouthwell RCGBR
4Katie BonnerWSENVegan Runners UKGBR
14Caitlin BradburyWSENBeeston ACGBR
24Ruth BrandonW45Holme Pierrepont RCGBR
41Julian BrealeyM50Erewash Valley RCGBR
36Colin BrearleyM40Holme Pierrepont RCGBR
62Heather Cameron-WhytockWSENSouthwell Running ClubGBR
60Amy CassonW40Vegan Runners UKGBR
16Joanne ChalmersW45Holme Pierrepont RCGBR
53Alison ChambersWSENGBR
38Lisa ChanW45Holme Pierrepont RCGBR
11Helen ClarkeW40Formula One Circuit CrewGBR
6Clare CoombesW45Vegan Runners UKGBR
1Mark DavisMSENRedhill Road RunnersGBR
26Megan ElliottWSENBeeston ACGBR
43Morgan FieldM40Beeston ACGBR
25Jon FoxMSENHolme Pierrepont RCGBR
18Steve GelderdM55Redhill Road RunnersGBR
39Michelle HallW45Southwell RCGBR
9Charlotte HallsWSENBeeston ACGBR
17Tracy HamiltonW50Worksop HarriersGBR
12Clive HaywardM70Redhill Road RunnersGBR
30Nick HopewellM55Redhill Road RunnersGBR
27Greg HopkinsonMSENBeeston ACGBR
33Thorne JulieW50Redhill Road RunnersGBR
46Richard KelseyMSENHolme pierrepont Running clubGBR
55Daniel LathamMSENBuxton ACGBR
52Ben LightMSENBuxton ACGBR
51Rachel LimbertWSENGBR
50Simon LimbertM40GBR
42Ian MacNameeM50Erewash Valley RCGBR
22Joanne MallinsonW40Formula One Circuit CrewGBR
8Alan MaplethorpeM60Long Eaton RCGBR
7Oliver MatharuMSENHolme Pierrepont running clubGBR
49Jane MatthewsW60Southwell RCGBR
3Salome MaybanksW40Beeston ACGBR
23Wayne McAneaneyM45Holme Pierrepont RCGBR
5Holly McCainWSENBeeston ACGBR
54Catherine MilletW40Formula One Circuit CrewGBR
34Graham MoffattM50Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
15John MooreM50Redhill Road RunnersGBR
58Rob MooreM50Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
10Stuart MooreM40Beeston ACGBR
32Daniel RawsonMSENBeeston ACGBR
31Tara RickettsWSENHolme Pierrepont RCGBR
13Mario RocchelliM40Long Eaton RCGBR
47Tony ShentonM40Redhill Road RunnersGBR
40Paul StaceyM55Redhill Road RunnersGBR
35Leigh StubbsMSENRedhill Road RunnersGBR
2Bob TemplemanMSENVegan Runners UKGBR
19Heather ThornleyWSENRedhill Road RunnersGBR
45Editha van LoonW45Holme Pierrepont Running ClubGBR
56David WalshM55Redhill Road RunnersGBR
57Kathryn WalshW55Redhill Road RunnersGBR
29Caroline WickhamW60Erewash Valley RCGBR
28Steve WickhamM60Erewash Valley RCGBR

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