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Name Age
Club Country  
10 Mile (155)
31Paul AdamsM55Chorlton RunnersGBR
49Peter AdamsM45Chorlton RunnersGBR
116Dave AgnewM65Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
119Andy BaguleyM40Chorlton RunnersGBR
150Keith BairdM50Holmfirth Harriers ACGBR
81Emma BallW45Middleton Harriers ACGBR
87Charlie BarlowM60Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
45Andy BarnesM55Saddleworth Runners Club. GBR
12Brian BarnesM55Chorlton RunnersGBR
154Graham BarnesM65GBR
25Helen BerryW45Holmfirth HarriersGBR
48Helena BirdW45GBR
88Tim BlackwellM45Chorlton RunnersGBR
47Monica BolandW50Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
105Warren BowdenM50Chorlton Runners GBR
67John BramwellM45Rochdale Harriers & ACGBR
9Tim ByrneM50Bramhall RunnersGBR
59Ben CaldwellMSENChorlton RunnersGBR
64Kay CampbellW45Astley & Tyldesley Road RunnersGBR
4Tim CampbellM45Astley & Tyldesley Road RunnersGBR
113Ally CanningWSENNorthowram PumasGBR
17Sarah ChalmersW55Nidd Valley Road RunnersGBR
121Sal ChattertonM45GBR
111Jones ChrisM45GBR
94David ClarkeM60GBR
85Matthew ClawsonMSENRossendale Harriers & ACGBR
10Hannah CoatesWSENChorlton Runners GBR
143Gaby ConcepcionM45Trail Running NationGBR
75Colette CookeWSENRochdale Harriers & ACGBR
33Laura CoucillWSENSalford HarriersGBR
112Luke CranfieldMSENNorthowram PumasGBR
24Alex CritcherM40Glossopdale HarriersGBR
123Ged CritchleyM45Oldham & Royton H & ACGBR
120Helena CroftWSENHolmfirth Harriers ACGBR
76Terry CrowtherM40Chorlton RunnersGBR
82Gary DanielsM40Chorlton RunnersGBR
38Nicola DobraWSENChorlton RunnersGBR
110Ian DouglasM40Rochdale HarriersGBR
68Nick DrinkallMSENChorlton RunnersGBR
80Peter DukesM50Meltham ACGBR
134Fiona DysonW50GBR
19Darren EarnshawM40Calder Valley Fell Runners GBR
107Zulma EdmondsonW40Chorlton RunnersGBR
15Catherine ElliottW45Chorlton RunnersGBR
1Michelle FaircloughW40Astley & Tyldesley Road RunnersGBR
90Maggie FarragherWSENChorlton runnersGBR
69Hilary FarrenW55Rossendale HarriersGBR
141John FeltonM50Oldham & Royton H & ACGBR
142Julie FeltonW50Oldham & Royton H & ACGBR
51Gerard FinniganM55Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
62Alex FrostM50Rochdale Harriers & ACGBR
57Richard GardnerM40Chorlton RunnersGBR
144Jane GodslandW45Red Rose Road RunnersGBR
114James GoodwinMSENSaddleworth Runners ClubGBR
78Andy GouldM50GBR
130Paul GrayM55Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
122Judith GreenW45Cybelé GBR
41Tony GreeneM75Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
148Hannah GreenleeWSENChorlton runnersGBR
95David GreenwoodM55Rossendale HarriersGBR
20Liz GreenwoodWSENChorlton RunnersGBR
61Stephanie HarrisonWSENRochdale Harriers & ACGBR
8Samantha HartleyWSENChorlton RunnersGBR
84Tanya HaynesW45Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
133John HeathcoteM65Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
101Christobel HeginbothamW55Saddleworth runnersGBR
42Philip HewittMSENHolmfirth Harriers ACGBR
89Steve HewittM60Holmfirth HarriersGBR
103Jeffery HignettM70Rossendale Harriers & ACGBR
145Gary HillMSENGBR
97Louise HillWSENAstley and Tyldesley Road RunnersGBR
3Philip HinchcliffeMSENRochdale Harriers & ACGBR
11Colin Hines MSENChorlton Runners GBR
27Philip HobbsM55Holmfirth HarriersGBR
35Jonny HoweMSENChorlton RunnersGBR
147Billy HughesM40Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
16Aisla JonesWSENChorlton Runners GBR
14Kevin JonesM50Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
13Paul JonesM50West End RunnersGBR
98Sally JonesW50GBR
43Simon JumpM45Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
149Mandy KeenanW55Trail Running NationGBR
104Adrian Kendrick M55The Clique GBR
135Andrew KerryM50Holmfirth HarriersGBR
66Mark LambellM40West End RunnersGBR
18Fiona LeslieW50Chorlton Runners GBR
36Martin LomasM50Astley & Tyldesley Road RunnersGBR
30Sean LordM45Chorlton RunnersGBR
21Tamela MacielWSENWest End RunnersGBR
124Philip MartinM55Holmfirth Harriers ACGBR
70Ian MasonM50Kingstone Runners BarnsleyGBR
60John MayallM55Rochdale Harriers & A.C.GBR
46Kevin McGilvrayM65Rossendale Harriers & ACGBR
65Paul MogridgeM45Hyde Village StridersGBR
83Paul MolloyMSENChorlton RunnersGBR
50Lorraine MurphyWSENChorlton RunnersGBR
53Rebecca MusgroveW40Chorlton RunnersGBR
5Clare NewtonWSENHalifax Harriers & ACGBR
34Peter NicholsonMSENGlossopdale HarriersGBR
138Yvonne OadesW55Stadium RunnersGBR
136Elaine O'ConnorWSENWest End RunnersGBR
23Mark OliverM50Mossley afc Running ClubGBR
127Michael Osinski-GrayMSENCybeleGBR
155Allan ParkinM55Vegan Runners UKGBR
140Chris PattersonM45TRNGBR
56Tony PayneM60Chorlton RunnersGBR
151Neil PeckM50Tri PrestonGBR
63Sharon PenningtonW45GBR
37Steven PepperMSENGBR
153Lawrence PinnellM50Horwich Rmi Harriers & A.CGBR
44John PollardM65Glossopdale HarriersGBR
96Andy PooleM55Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
22Russell PriceMSENChorlton RunnersGBR
39Rowen PymmWSENSaddleworthGBR
117Joanna RamsdenW40Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
72Sally RatcliffeWSENAldershot & FarnhamGBR
71Sue RatcliffeW60Saddleworth RunnersGBR
29Kirsty ReadW40Glossopdale HarriersGBR
79Michael RedburnM55GBR
93Sarah RenshawWSENChorlton RunnersGBR
91Danny RileyMSENGBR
92Phil RileyM45Astley & Tyldesley Road RunnersGBR
99Andrew RudderM50GBR
128Green SamMU23CybeleGBR
109Craig Sanderson M45Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
108Karen SandersonW45Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
152Drew SavageM45Chorlton RunnersGBR
77Kate SavileW45Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
106Ian SharpeM50Chorlton RunnersGBR
54James SheardM50Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
132Karen SinkinsonW55Holmfirth Harriers ACGBR
126Andy SlaterMSENCybeleGBR
125Rachael SlaterW40CybeleGBR
102Nicky SnookW55Saddleworth runnersGBR
32Nick SyrettM40Chorlton runnersGBR
7Lois TaylorWSENChorlton RunnersGBR
6Michael TaylorMSENChorlton RunnersGBR
137David ThompsonMSENSLOWGBR
74Martha TibbotWSENSaddleworth runnersGBR
2Graham TownshendM50Astley & Tyldesley Road RunnersGBR
28Wendy TreleaseW45Glossopdale HarriersGBR
52Shirley TuersleyW50Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
118Alex WaddingtonW40GBR
129Joseph WadeMSENDark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
100Dawn WalkerW40GBR
86Neil WalkerM45Rochdale triathlon clubGBR
139Phil WalshM50GBR
55Luke WatsonM45Chorlton RunnersGBR
73Craig WellensM50Rochdale HarriersGBR
146Jason WilksM45Saddleworth Runners ClubGBR
40Hayley WinderW40Radcliffe ACGBR
131Rachel WoodWSENGBR
26Francis WooffM55Chorlton RunnersGBR
115Virginia YoungW60Stainland Lions RCGBR

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