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Round Donny Run Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=73, Online=100%)

Note that competitors entered into a solo class are sorted by Surname, and then Forename. Teams are listed in entry order.

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name
Solo (41)
18tbaJayne AbdyW40GBR
2tbaRob AdamsM45Steel City Striders RCGBR
10tbaNadine AllottW45Lonely GoatGBR
24tbaColin AndersonM55Danum Harriers GBR
49tbaEdward BaconM50Sutton in Ashfield Harriers & ACGBR
57tbaStuart BartleyM55Doncaster AC GBR
38tbaKaren Brocklebank-LambertW45Doncaster Triathlon ClubGBR
11tbaKaren CalladineW40Fetch Everyone GBR
35tbaDaniel ClarkeM45GBR
30tbaJohn CooperM50GBR
48tbaDan CrowM40Sutton in Ashfield Harriers & ACGBR
19tbaJane DaviesW50Danum HarriersGBR
28tbaPatsy FenelonW70GBR
39tbaRachael FisherW40Gainsborough & Morton StridersGBR
42tbaIan FleetonMSENDoncaster ACGBR
15tbaClare HawesW40GBR
9tbaDavid HebbM60NSRRAGBR
3tbaEleanor HerzbergW40We Can RunGBR
6tbaRichard HillM45Northampton Road RunnersGBR
43tbaLisa HobsonW45Sleaford town runners GBR
55tbaTony HolderM45LincsquadGBR
32tbaSarah HollenderW45Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR
50tbaKerry HudsonW55Fetch Everyone GBR
7tbaDavid HughesM40Ackworth Road Runners & ACGBR
33tbaSimon HuntM45Gainsborough & Morton StridersGBR
25tbaNicole JeffcuttW40We Can RunGBR
46tbaPaul KiddM45Sleaford Town RunnersGBR
45tbaSadie KiddW40Sleaford Town RunnersGBR
21tbaJack KnowlesMSENDanum Harriers Running ClubGBR
4tbaRob LeckeyM50GBR
52tbaTrina LinleyW50Thorne Twlight trotters GBR
41tbaSimon LitchfieldM50Holme Pierrepont RCGBR
12tbaRobert MarleyMU23Danum harriers GBR
31tbaAndie McCallumMSENGBR
53tbaTodd Needham-HollidayMSENLonely Goat RCGBR
47tbaSharon RenshawW45Steel City Striders RCGBR
5tbaHowie RobinsonM40Lonely Goat RCGBR
17tbaLynn SimpsonW45WE CAN RUNGBR
16tbaJonathan SmithM50Doncaster TriathlonGBR
22tbaSimon WhiteMSENGBR
13tbaStuart WhysallMSENMansfield HarriersGBR

Pair (32)
1tbaKeith MaddisonM50Scunthorpe & District ACGBRMust be mad
tbaSylv CreaseyW45Scunthorpe & District ACGBR
8tbaNicola WilkinsonW40Danum GBRRunners United’s dream team
tbaDavid RobinsonMSENScunthorpe and District ACGBR
14tbaSally WalkerW45Danum HarriersGBRWhat are we doing here?!
tbaJoanna ParkinW40Danum HarriersGBR
20tbaDavid LangfordM50Danum HarriersGBRDanum Dogs
tbaBen HalesM40Danum HarriersGBR
23tbaJudith GibsonW45Blythe Bridge Running ClubGBRBlythe Bridge Bonkers Babes
tbaEmma LonczykW40Blythe Bridge Running ClubGBR
26tbaAngie ClarkeW40Doncaster ACGBRSweaty Betty's
tbaJody BreezeW45Doncaster ACGBR
27tbaNikki SpeckWSENDanum HarriersGBRDanum Nics
tbaNicola CosgroveW40Danum HarriersGBR
29tbaJanet Powell. MrsW60Doncaster Athletics ClubGBRAre we there yet?
tbaClaire Angus. MrsW45Doncaster Athletics ClubGBR
34tbaAndy MellorM45Matlock Athletic ClubGBRMac Fly
tbaDan AshcroftM40Matlock Athletic ClubGBR
36tbaHarriet ChadwickWSENGBRShredding for the wedding
tbaJess FlintWSENGBR
37tbaMark WebsterM45Doncaster ACGBRTeam Oreo
tbaTaylor Marie louiseW45Doncaster ACGBR
40tbaNatalija CooperWSENGBRRunning together again
tbaMaria MaithWSENGainsborough & Morton StridersGBR
44tbaEmma ButlerW40Sleaford Town RunnersGBRFatties but fitties
tbaKath CheadleW45Sleaford Striders ACGBR
51tbaRebecca ParryW45Wigston Phoenix RCGBRDazecca
tbaDarren ClaytonM45Wigston Phoenix RCGBR
54tbaShelley FaireyWSENMatlock Athletic GBRKel n Shell
tbaKelly Lynn WSENMatlock Athletic GBR
56tbaAndrea RobinsonW45Doncaster ACGBRAre we nearly there yet
tbaGlynn JonesM50Doncaster ACGBR

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