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Fen Drayton 10K and Fun Run Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=35, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
10K (33)
14Lexi AbbeyWU23GBR
16Nick AbbeyM60GBR
21Richard AdamsonM40Huntingdonshire ACGBR
29Adam AireyM40GBR
28Sarah AireyW50GBR
12Gareth BarkerMSENGBR
3Caroline BradshawW45GBR
2Steve ButrymM40Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR
33Vicky CookW40GBR
35Mark CraddockMSENBad Boy Running ClubGBR
10Malcolm DarvillM60GBR
19Danny DicksM55GBR
8Jane DobinsonW55GBR
9Martin DobinsonM60GBR
5Jon DruceM50GBR
26Andrew EnticknapM50Hunts ACGBR
1Michael FaganM50Lonely goat running club GBR
4Peter GlazebrookM50NoneGBR
13Esther GoodwinW45Thorney Running ClubGBR
22Sarah GregoryWSENGBR
11Liz HyslopW65Ely Runners GBR
31Simon KerrM65GBR
32Sue KerrW60GBR
6Frances McCullaghW50GBR
17Kathy ParkerW55GBR
30Tracey ReadW45GBR
34Pauline RobsonW50GBR
27Jo SeddonWSENFen Edge RunnersGBR
20Janet StonesW50Fen Edge RunnersGBR
18Karen SymondsW55GBR
25Clare WadeW55GBR
7Sarah WardWSENLongstanton LimpersGBR
15Mark WareM45GBR

Fun Run (2)
23Baxter GregoryMU8GBR
24Gus GregoryMU4GBR

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