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South Wales Three Peaks Trial Challenge Walk Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=91, Online=97%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

All entrants must bring a signed Kit Declaration Form (opens new window) and the following kit:

Map* - 1:25,000 or 1:50,000, Compass*, Torch, Whistle, Emergency Rations, simple First Aid Kit - including plasters and a blister kit, Waterproofs - including overtrousers, Sensible footwear - boots with ankle support and good tread; experienced runners should have appropriate footwear.

For contact in an emergency it would also be useful if walkers carried a mobile phone.

* For entrants walking as groups for the entire route, one map and compass for each three entrants is acceptable.

See the Event Website for ‎further details.

Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.

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Name Age
Club Country  
Platinum (39)
21tbaWatson AnnaGBR
22tbaJeremiah Autumn GBR
40tbaJoss BagnallGBR
57tbaMatthew BaileyGBR
59tbaNick BaileyGBR
58tbaJoe BailleyGBR
20tbaKaren BryantGBR
26tbaMark CarverGBR
13tbaEmma ClewarthGBR
27tbaSteve CransomGBR
74tbaMatthew DaviesGBR
29tbaRuth GiblettGBR
32tbaSarah GiblettGBR
68tbaAlexis GirardetGBR
69tbaAlexis GirardetGBR
61tbaHallam GirardetGBR
33tbaMatthew HoskinsGBR
31tbaPatrick IsaacGBR
81tbaJason JonesGBR
51tbaChristopher LewisGBR
50tbaJennifer LewisGBR
65tbaKevin NeilGBR
47tbaMark NelsonGBR
73tbaLauren O'GormanGBR
82tbaRoger Phillips GBR
39tbaMolly PikeGBR
25tbaChristne PriceGBR
28tbaBethan PritchardGBR
56tbaDai ProsserGBR
16tbaMatthew ReesLliswerry RunnersGBR
72tbaJamie SullivanGBR
23tbaMichael SwainGBR
24tbaSteph SwainGBR
76tbaDean ThomasGBR
14tbaJane TurnerGBR
46tbaTrevor Tyler-BattGBR
45tbaWendy Tyler-BattGBR
42tbaLeith WatsonGBR
15tbaLizzie WilkinsonGBR

Gold (45)
43tbaMartyn CarneyGBR
66tbaAndrew CleatonGBR
67tbaWilliam CleatonGBR
34tbaDavid DaviesGBR
30tbaHoward DaviesGBR
41tbaPeter DaviesGwent Mountaineering ClubGBR
80tbaTeslin DaviesGBR
55tbaLouis FreemanGBR
71tbaPaula FurnivalPotocGBR
85tbaChristianne GlossopGBR
84tbaCharlie Haywood SmithGBR
35tbaRachel HughesGBR
3tbaHelena Hunt‘P.A.T. 2019’GBR
10tbaGareth JonesGBR
11tbaGwyn JonesGBR
12tbaHuw JonesGBR
19*tbaKurt JonesGBR
78tbaWilliam JonesGBR
60tbaAmy LeekeGBR
36tbaGeorgie MaddoxGBR
37tbaStephen MayneDorset LDWAGBR
38tbaWendy MayneDorset LDWAGBR
91tbaStephen MorganGBR
90tbaSusan MorganGBR
7tbaCorinne Neville'P.A.T. 2019'GBR
4tbaEileen Neville‘P.A.T. 2019’GBR
5tbaKieran Neville‘P.A.T. 2019’ GBR
6tbaSean Neville'P.A.T. 2019'GBR
2tbaKaren Passariello‘P.A.T. 2019’GBR
79tbaKarl PendryGBR
44tbaMelanie Phillips GBR
52tbaAlice PoynerGBR
53tbaHollie PoynerGBR
54tbaJonathon PoynerGBR
18*tbaAnne-Marie PriceGBR
86tbaJackie PriceGBR
17*tbaAnna SmithGBR
77tbaJonathan SwithinbankGBR
75tbaRachel TaylorGBR
64tbaNerys VizardGBR
9tbaBecky WallGBR
8tbaGeoff WallGBR
1tbaFaye WestingGBR
70tbaJonathan WhilockPotocGBR
83tbaPaul WyattCancer ResearchGBR

Silver (1)
87tbaLyndon GwillymGBR

Bronze (6)
89tbaJoanne AdkinsGBR
88tbaPhilip GeorgeGBR
48tbaFrances WatkinsGBR
49tbaJulie WatkinsGBR
62tbaJanet WilmottGBR
63tbaPhil WilmottGBR

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