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Saturday Brean Beach 10K / 5K / Fun Runs Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=37, Online=84%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 25 January 2020

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
10K (13)
17Jenny HarrisonWSENGBR
30*Nicholas JenningsM50Southville Running ClubGBR
12Toby ParsonM40GBR
28Paul RawlinsMSENGBR
11David RudgeMSENGBR
29Jason SmithMSENGBR
4Steve StrelletM45GBR
15*Rob UmphrayM45GBR
21Laurence UnstedM40GBR
10*Rebecca WattsWSENUK Runchat Running ClubGBR
20Carly WilliamsWSENGBR
9Kate WilshireWSENGBR

5K (11)
31Donna BullW40GBR
32Jack-James BullMU8GBR
1Clair HeffernanW40FERCGBR
13Mike HeffernanM45Westfield TTGBR
22Rosalind HonightW40GBR
25Philippa MorrisWSENSole Sisters (North Bristol)GBR
33*Kelly ShearingW40GBR
36Ben WilkinsMU11GBR
35Jasmine WilkinsWU13GBR
34Jenny WilkinsW45Chippenham HarriersGBR
37Neil WilkinsM40Sneyd StridersGBR

3K (1)
7Bonnie WilshireWU9GBR

1K (7)
2Daisy HeffernanWU10GBR
3Ella HeffernanWU7GBR
14Holly HeffernanWU11GBR
23Yasmin HonightWU7GBR
27Jack RudgeMU8GBR
6Heidi WilshireWU7GBR
8Hetty WilshireWU5GBR

50m dash (5)
19Charlie HarrisonMU3GBR
18Oliver HarrisonMU5GBR
24Harper HonightWU5GBR
26*Harry RudgeMU5GBR
5*Oscar StrelletMU3GBR

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