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(D) BOK Local League Event 2 - Bathampton Start List

Saturday 19 October 2019

Competitor Statistics (Total=50, Online=100%)

Bristol Orienteering Klub looks forward to your joining us.

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Green (20)
18154473Richard RossingtonM55BOKGBRtba
32142085Stephen Lee-JonesM50BOKGBRtba
48667384Amy Lee-JonesW14BOKGBRtba
92096720Richard HudsonM55BOKGBRtba
10HireTom HarveyM20TVOCGBRtba
252074463Ted McDonaldM75BOKENGtba(h)
27698696Peter StaggM45BOKGBRtba
308140962Carolyn DentW55BOKGBRtba
318100260Rob HickM55WSXGBRtba
331560705David HanstockM60BOKGBRtba
3450275Fiona HanstockW60BOKGBRtba
35890856Stuart HanstockM21BOKGBRtba
36HireRobin HalseyM50BOKGBRtba
391422458Kevin BrookerM50NGOCGBRtba
417909197Chris AtkinsM40BOKGBRtba
428030929Kevin HoweM50BOKGBRtba
448000047Ben MitchellM21SBOCGBRtba
46221532Meredith MoodyW21UBOCGBRtba
471150172Mark QuilliamM45INDGBRtba
48HireBernhard HagenM45BOKENGtba

Light Green (7)
5HireGillian Lee-JonesW50BOKSCOtba
15HireFiona LeeseW45BOKGBRtba
20HireEmma JohnsonW14BOKENGtba
26400600Dave UrchM70BOKGBRtba(h)
3240227Robert TeedM80NGOCCYMtba
43HireTim BirdM40BOKENGtba
45HireJonathan DownerM45BOKENGtba

Orange (10)
6HireMatilda Knox CartwrightW14BOKENGtba
16HireAnnie LeeseW14BOKGBRtba
22HireJason JohsnonM45BOKENGtba
23HireNicky WareingW40BOKENGtba
282059638Elizabeth CopeW60BOKGBRtba(h)
29401009John HadlerM60INDENGtba
37HirePamela HalseyW50BOKGBRtba
38HireIsabelle HalseyW14BOKGBRtba
49HireLeni HagenW12BOKENGtba
50HireMarion StutzriemerW40BOKENGtba

Yellow (7)
7HirePatricia RogersW50BOKGBRtba
12HireCaroline JarrettW35INDGBRtba
13HirePaul JarrettM40INDGBRtba
14HireSophie JarrettW10INDGBRtba
17HireEllie MoseyW10INDENGtba
18HirePeter MoseyM45INDGBRtba
19HireIsabel NyaruwaW12INDGBRtba

White (6)
2HireIsla Overy n/cW10INDGBRtba
8HireConstance (Connie) RogersW10BOKGBRtba
11HireSophie JarrettW10INDGBRtba
21HireTessa JohnsonW10BOKENGtba
24HireMegan WareingW12BOKGBRtba
40HireCharlotte Oates N/CW12BOKENGtba

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