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Emit Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Brown (4)
9HireTim DarlowM40RRGBRtba(e)
13HireWill HensmanM40FVOGBRtba(m)
19HirePierre LardetM16FVOGBRtba
27HireMatthew GoochM18MAROCGBRtba(m)

Blue (7)
2HireMichael AtkinsonM40ELOGBRtba(e)
4HireJennifer AtkinsonW40ELOGBRtba(e)
10HireKate DarlowW40RRGBRtba(e)
18HireJen LeonardW50FVOGBRtba
21HirePeter McLuckieM45MORSCOtba(e)
28HireJoel GoochM16MAROCGBRtba(e)
30HireMegan MowbrayW45INTSCOtba(l)

Green (3)
12HireAmber GrahamW16MAROCSCOtba(e)
17HireHannah KinghamW16MORGBRtba(m)
22HireMorag McLuckieW45MORSCOtba(e)

Light Green (4)
3HireJoel AtkinsonM14ELOGBRtba(e)
15HireLucy HensmanW14FVOGBRtba(m)
26HireEsther GoochW45MAROCGBRtba(e)
33HireStruan DuncanM16FVOSCOtba

Orange (10)
1HireBen RossM12INTGBRtba
5HireEmily AtkinsonW12ELOGBRtba(e)
7HireEllie DarlowW12RRGBRtba(e)
14HireSusan HensmanW45FVOGBRtba(m)
16HireKatie HensmanW12FVOGBRtba(m)
23HireKate McLuckieW12MORSCOtba(e)
24HireFinlay McLuckieM12MORSCOtba(e)
25HireLouis ChapoyM14FVOSCOtba
29HireRuth GoochW12MAROCGBRtba(e)
31HireFreya MowbrayW12INTSCOtba(e)

Yellow (4)
6HirePeter AtkinsonM10ELOGBRtba(e)
8HireSeb DarlowM10RRGBRtba(e)
20HireMatthew InmanM10FVOGBRtba
32HireEilidh MowbryW10INTSCOtba(e)

White (1)
11HireGuy Gibbons-WoodM10MAROCSCOtba

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