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(C) BADO Regional & SCOL5 - Pamber Forest Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=34, Online=100%)

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Emit Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Brown (5)
2407309Neville BakerM65TVOCGBRtba
4HireJames WilkinsonM21BKOENGtba
17412276Mark SaundersM40BKOGBRtba
20HireDouglas McTurkM21SOSGBRtba
23HireSimon TarrantM40SARUMENGtba

Blue (9)
1413054Julian HartwellM60SOCENGtba
3505224Marie-Anne FischerW55TVOCGBRtba
10483660Joe HouseM65SOGBRtba
14507301Robin SmithM65SOGBRtba
15HireMatt DeakinM21BAOCGBRtba
18484011Roger CliffeM45TVOCGBRtba
19400194Rachel McTurkW21SOSGBRtba
21HireHelen ChiswellW40DVOGBRtba
24202193Andrew GrahamM60SARUMENGtba

Green (11)
6HireRhiannon FadeyibiW55NGOCGBRtba
11223379David BattisonM70SARUMGBRtba
12410016Peter RichesM65TVOCENGtba
13502275Mark ThompsonM60TVOCGBRtba
22HireAndrew LeedmanM55LOCGBRtba
25412357Martin CrossM70WIMGBRtba
27502791Brian JohnsonM65WIMGBRtba
28402086Sue HandsW70WIMGBRtba
29484019Mike HamptonM70ODGBRtba
30408141Peter JonesM60SNGBRtba
34155939Kieran DevineM65BAOCENGtba

Short Green (8)
5502641Jim MundayM75BKOGBRtba
7483070John ThompsonM80TVOCENGtba
8227191Yvonne HodsonW70TVOCGBRtba
9410354Carol HouseW60SOGBRtba
16483113Sally CollinsW65BKOGBRtba
26413025Gillian CrossW70WIMGBRtba
31407751Liz YeadonW70SARUMGBRtba
33485433Charlotte ThorntonW70SARUMGBRtba

Light Green (0)

Orange (1)
32400430Alan YeadonM80SARUMGBRtba

Yellow (0)

White (0)

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