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(C) SOL 4 - Drummond Hill Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=32, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Near  
Entry No. / Name
Start Time
Black (0)

Brown (1)
318080576Paul HammondM40FVOGBRtba(m)

Short Brown (4)
38260165Steve WilsonM50CLYDESCOtba(l)
218080006Madara BriceW21INTGBRtba
228020164David RobertsonM55CLYDEGBRtba(m)
2424851Robert HicklingM65BASOCGBRtba(m)

Blue (3)
28260802Alice WilsonW18CLYDESCOtba(l)
77204685Sam GomersallM55GRAMPGBRtba(m)
91962218David RobertsonM55ESOCSCOtba(m)

Short Blue (3)
18240666Rachel WilsonW50CLYDESCOtba(l)
4580997Elizabeth BarrW50MORSCOtba(m)
1933905John CoonM65ECKOGBRtba(m)

Green (8)
537312Trina RogersonW65ELOGBRtba(l)
637250Neil McMillanM21ELOGBRtba(l)
87204686Lesley GomersallW55GRAMPGBRtba(m)
121970321Hanne RobertsonW45ESOCSCOtba(l)
182036791Patrick SquireM70INTGBRtba(l)
2524850Anne HicklingW60ESOCGBRtba(m)
291416403Jenny HammondW40FVOGBRtba(m)
327100661Jan KerselW60ECKOSCOtba(m)

Short Green (9)
138975310Brian YatesM75ESOCGBRtba(e)
148210953Janice NisbetW65ESOCGBRtba(m)
158121939Anne ThomW65ESOCSCOtba
1650314Dick CarmichaelM70TINTOGBRtba(l)
178680067Trish CarmichaelW70TINTOGBRtba(l)
20260154Suse CoonW65ECKOGBRtba(m)
231041204Kirsten RobertsonW16CLYDEGBRtba(m)
26203296Bill MelvilleM75TAYGBRtba(m)
27235507Katharine MelvilleW75TAYGBRtba(m)

Light Green (2)
108003055Maja RobertsonW14ESOCSCOtba(l)
308270606James HammondM14FVOGBRtba(m)

Orange (1)
288161008Rebecca HammondW12FVOGBRtba(m)

Yellow (1)
118003056Calum RobertsonM10ESOCSCOtba(m)

White (0)

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