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Ras Pedol Peris Horseshoe Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=58, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

The Full Peris Early Start race starts at 10:30, at the same time as the Half Peris. The main Full Peris race starts at 11:00.

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Name Age
Club Country  
Full Peris (34)
40John AllanMSENCalder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
18Charles AllingtonMSENGBR
56Richard AnthonyM40Aberystwyth ACGBR
58Tobias BarthelmesMU23Keswick ACGBR
23Joanna BoydWSENGBR
47Jez BrownM45Buckley RunnersGBR
15Tim BuddMSENGlossopdale HarriersGBR
44Martin CliffeM45South Cheshire HarriersGBR
24Stephani CoeWSENDark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
30Paul CottonM55Todmorden HarriersGBR
16Jonny CrostonM40Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
3Peter EcclestonMSENCoventry Godiva HarriersGBR
19Simon FisherM45Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
21Paul HaighM40Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
49Neal HockleyM40Eryri HarriersGBR
27Pez HoldaM40Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
22Sarah Jones-morrisW45Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
28Richard MeadM45Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
29Mark MidgleyM50Bowland Fell RunnersGBR
8Sam OrtonM45Eryri HarriersGBR
10Chris PalmerMSENRun Free Fell RunnersGBR
9Jim PaxmanM60Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
14Warren RenkelMSENRun Free Fell RunnersGBR
26Sue RichmondW40Pennine Fell RunnersGBR
42Andrea RowlandsW45Eryri HarriersGBR
12Rory ShawMSENGBR
59Nicky SpinksW50Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
57Dan TaylorM40Todmorden HarriersGBR
54Hannah TobermanWSENGBR
48Dominic WattsM50Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
11Mark WhartonM50Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
53Gwion WilliamsM45Eryri HarriersGBR
13Kate WorthingtonW40Eryri HarriersGBR
39Douglas ZinisMSENCalder Valley Fell RunnersGBR

Half Peris (17)
50Tim BrooksM45Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
2Catherine ConnellWSENEryriGBR
6Elina EadyW40Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
55Robin GrayM50Todmorden HarriersGBR
46Carwyn HensonMSENGBR
37Sean HughesMU23Eryri Harriers GBR
33Levente InczeMSENEryri HarriersGBR
25Dan MarsdenMSENCalder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
5Eileen McDonachW45Calder Valley Fell Runners GBR
35Lucy OdonnellWSENEryri HarriersGBR
43Rob RawlinsonM45Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
51Toby SydesM50Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
34Greg WasinskiM40Meirionnydd RCGBR
7Phil WellsM45Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
52Charlotte WettonWSENCalder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
32Owain Hunt WilliamsMSENEryri HarriersGBR
17Andy WrightM40Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR

Full Peris (early start) (7)
45Nick AshbeeMSENGBR
38James CookeMSENCalder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
1Vincent EdwardsM45GBR
31Peat FitzpatrickM55Todmorden HarriersGBR
4Adam MitchellM40GBR
20Michael RobinsonM60Notts ACGBR
41Frederick SmithMSENClwydian Range RunnersGBR

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