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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Brown (6)
632527Mark AdamsM55HHGBRtba
108643397Alan VeleckyM50SOGBRtba
158639640Chris HookerM55SOGBRtba
181421964Tony BurtonM55MVGBRtba
198657524Simon BlanchflowerM65SAXGBRtba(h)
251008511Neil CrickmoreM55SOGBRtba

Blue (10)
11805550Simon GreenwoodM60SAXGBRtba(h)
4223326Michael WhiteM80MVGBRtba
7HireGreg StreetM21INDGBRtba
12342277Mark GlaisherM65SAXGBRtba(h)
177300224Paul ButtM50SUFFOCGBRtba
222089662David KingdonM65SAXENGtba(h)
238657514Carol HouseW60SOGBRtba
248657515Joe HouseM65SOGBRtba
278346370Hannah FreemanW16HHGBRtba
288171262Richard FreemanM55HHGBRtba

Green (9)
21420605Ffion BricknellW16SAXENGtba(h)
31420637Neil BricknellM50SAXENGtba(h)
58333701Philip NorrisM70SAXGBRtba(h)
139101775Bridget HooperW75SOGBRtba
148108220Leslie HooperM75SOGBRtba
168330011Barbara GriessnerW45SLOWGBRtba
202085199Roger PringM70SAXENGtba(h)
212080022Beryl PringW70SAXENGtba(h)
261661027Susan CrickmoreW55SOGBRtba

Light Green (2)
9401775Andy MorrisonM55INDGBRtba
11407372Joan MillsW75SAXENGtba(h)

Orange (1)
8HireSophie MorrisonW21INDGBRtba

Yellow (0)

Score (0)

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