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(C) Wessex Galoppen - Rushmore Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=24, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Brown (1)
5263687Robin MillsM50WIMGBRtba

Blue (7)
18270655Gavin CleggM60BOKENGtba
62080015Bruno SmithM55WSXGBRtba(h)
78645239David FaulknerM55BOKGBRtba
102015798Andrew GrahamM60SARUMENGtba
208657514Carol HouseW60SOGBRtba
218657515Joe HouseM65SOGBRtba
24347698Laura WilcoxW55WSXGBRtba(h)

Green (12)
2434457Sarah HoulderW60WSXGBRtba(h)
4HireBenjamin MillsM18WIMGBRtba
8HirePete AkersM65QOGBRtba
9342275Chris VirgoM65DEVONCYMtba
11400977Mike KiteM70WIMGBRtba
12560606Christopher BranfordM70WIMGBRtba
138655911Katherine PikeW55WIMGBRtba
14363987Martin CrossM70WIMGBRtba
17202152John TraylerM75QOENGtba
187771234Adam CookeM21WIMGBRtba
197997999Charlie SmurthwaiteM21WIMGBRtba
23995460Tina StratfordW45WSXENGtba(h)

Short Green (3)
15260284Gillian CrossW70WIMGBRtba
16263433John WarrenM80WIMGBRtba
228630834Bill BrownM80WSXGBRtba(h)

Light Green (0)

Orange (1)
38630862Andrew BeldowskiM90WSXGBRtba(h)

Yellow (0)

White (0)

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