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Dark River 5 Mile Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=51, Online=75%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 20 March 2019

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
5 Mile (51)
12Jacob AshbyMSENGBR
11Sarah AshbyWSENActive Soul UKGBR
40Marcus BennettMSENGBR
35*Sara BennettWSENActive Soul UKGBR
17Pete BlanchardM50Emersons Green Running ClubGBR
3Richard BreakspearMSENGoodgym GBR
22Victoria BurchillW45Emersons GreenGBR
15Andy BushMSENEmerson’s Green Running ClubGBR
31*Julie CassidyW45GBR
30*Paul CassidyM40GBR
47*Hannah CheekW45GBR
51*Jonathan CheekM50GBR
4Claire ChinchenW40GBR
49Helen ClarkW40Bitton Road RunnersGBR
44Katherine CliffeWSENActive Soul UKGBR
6Emma CockramW40GBR
18Mandy Collier-kingW45Emersons Green Running ClubGBR
38Emma CordingW40GBR
29*Karen DoreW45Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR
36*Jolie DunnWU18GBR
32*Julia DunnW50Emersons Green Running ClubGBR
23Leanne FordW40Emersons Green Running Club GBR
37*Paul GodwinM50Active Soul UKGBR
27Claire GwilliamW50Angels RCGBR
48*Ken HamM55Westbury HarriersGBR
33Fi HarrisW55GBR
34Ian HattamM45Southville RCGBR
28Jeffrey HaymanM60Lonely GoatGBR
5Vicki HickmansW40GBR
24Dominic HincheyM50Emersons Green Running ClubGBR
9Bob HowellM60GBR
42Matt IlesM40Kingswood Tri Club (Bristol)GBR
39Thomas JohnsonMSENGBR
8Terri LingardWSENGBR
41Marianne LongW50Southville RCGBR
43*Thomas MillerM40GBR
1Cathryn MooreWSENGBR
2Jason MooreMSENGBR
50Danny OwenM50GBR
21Rachel PhillipsW50Emerson’s GreenGBR
14Emily RichWSENGBR
16Sandy SaveryW45GBR
25Scott StaceyM40Kingswood Tri Club (Bristol)GBR
26Kirsty StilwellWSENGBR
10Lucy SwarbrickW45Emerson Green Running ClubGBR
20Callum TownsendMSENGBR
13Simon WatkinsM45FitQuestGBR
46*Gerard WatsonM55Staple Hill RunnersGBR
45*Karen WatsonW50Bristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBR
7Leanne WeeksW40Emerson’s Green Running ClubGBR
19Darren WestonMSENGBR

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