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Cattle Country Santa Dash 10K / 5K / Fun Runs Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=38, Online=63%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 02 July 2019

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
10K with Santa Suit (8)
12Darren AtkinsonMSENGBR
27Lisa BaileyWSENStroud & District ACGBR
19Ken HamM55Westbury HarriersGBR
36Franczest Mae MateoW40GBR
9Claire TolladayW40GBR
28Allan TomlinsonM45Stroud & District ACGBR
26Soph WeareW40Stroud & District ACGBR

10K no Santa Suit (7)
38Richard FowlerM45GBR
5*Mark GreatholderMSENFrampton Cotterell HarriersGBR
20*Julie JennerW50The Wotton TrottersGBR
25*Jason NashMSENSomer ACGBR
34Gemma ReadW45GBR
3*Rachel Sharvell-SmithWSENGBR
7*Sue SmithW55The Wotton TrottersGBR

5K with Santa Suit (1)
23Catharine MacleodW45GBR

5K no Santa Suit (3)
2*Andrea CoffinW50North Bristol Running GroupGBR
37Hannah FowlerW40GBR
1*Michelle PearsonW50North Bristol Running GroupGBR

1K (10)
13Rosie AtkinsonWU7GBR
6*Grace MarrinerWU7GBR
29Gabrielle MorseWU11GBR
30Jenson MorseMU9GBR
21Evie NashWU9GBR
11Albie PalmerMU7GBR
10Lee PalmerM45GBR
18Bethan PictonWU4GBR
17Leah PictonWU7GBR
24Freya SilkWU9GBR

50m Dash (9)
14Penelope AtkinsonWU4GBR
33*Elliott DavidsonWU4GBR
31*Gabrielle MorseWU11GBR
32*Jenson MorseMU9GBR
22Archie NashMU5GBR
35Lola ReadWU4GBR
4*Kyuss Sharvell-SmithMU6GBR
15*Grace ShellardWU6.GBR
8*Emilee WilliamsWU5GBR

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