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Cheshire Ring Canoe Race Start List

Saturday 06 July 2019

Competitor Statistics (Total=24, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name
Single Kayak (K1) all the way (6)
1Tom DawsonMSENFalcon OxfordGBR
2Neil EvansM60Macclesfield and District Canoe ClubGBR
8Peter FordM45Tonbridge Canoe ClubGBR
3Pete LawtonM55GBR
11Robert PearsonM55GBR
7Paul StenningM40Leighton Buzzard Canoe ClubGBR

Single Kayak (K1) relay (9)
10Sarah MillestWSENNottingham Kayak ClubGBRNKC Allsorts
Jeff SuttonM45Nottingham Kayak ClubGBR
Pete IlettM55Nottingham Kayak ClubGBR
Chris CarterM50Nottingham Kayak ClubGBR
14John BroadheadM45Runcorn canoe club GBRRuncorn canoe club
James MayersM45Runcorn canoe club GBR
David McCormackM40Runcorn canoe club GBR
Andrew KellyM45Runcorn canoe club GBR
Georgi StoychevMSENRuncorn canoe club GBR

Double Kayak (K2) all the way (6)
4Irene HillsW55BDCCGBRBanbury OTH
Kirsten Suenson-TaylorW50BDCCGBR
9Gary JohnsonM50GBRTarget
Duncan Livingstone M45GBR
13Julia PassmoreW55Tonbridge Canoe ClubGBRTeam Tonbridge
Clive NealeM50Tonbridge Canoe ClubGBR

Double Kayak (K2) relay (0)

Double Kayak (K2) relay x10 (senior + junior) (0)

Double Kayak Tourer relay (senior + junior) (0)

Single Canoe (C1) all the way (1)
6Alistair HornsbyM50Cumbrian CanoeistsGBR

Single Canoe (C1) relay (2)
12John ShackletonM65IndependentGBRCanoeSki
Colin WilsonM60IndependentGBR

Double Canoe (C2) all the way (0)

Double Canoe (C2) relay (0)

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