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Wild Wales Challenge 2019 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=65, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
Wild Wales (65)
15Les AllenM55Liverpool century GBR
49Gary BeamishM50Port Sunlight WheelersGBR
16Shaun BedwellM45Chester road clubGBR
5David BoardmanM45Macclesfield WheelersGBR
30Paul BoyceM50Saddleworth ClarionGBR
42Steve BradleyM60Wolverhampton WheelersGBR
24Simon BrooksM45Liverpool BraveheartGBR
52Peter BrownM55Liverpool Bravehearts BcGBR
53Keith ClarkeM50Liverpool Braveheart B CGBR
38Simon CliftonM40Liverpool BraveheartsGBR
61Stuart CookseyM55Wolverhampton WheelersGBR
47Robert CroweM45Chester Road ClubGBR
20Robert CrowtherM45Chester Road ClubGBR
44Simon CullenM50Saddleworth Clarion GBR
1Terry DaviesM65Wrexham ReiversGBR
18Stuart DayM45Chester Road Club GBR
28Ian DruryM45Liverpool Phoenix CCGBR
11Rob DuckworthM50Liverpool Phoenix CCGBR
2Jim DuffyM45Weaver Valley CCGBR
39Lowri EvansW55Chester & N Wales CTCGBR
45Duff FawcettM55Liverpool Braveheart BCGBR
46Hannah FawcettWSENLiverpool Braveheart BCGBR
32Alison FenwickW50Macclesfield WheelersGBR
65Andrea FergusonM60Port Sunlight WheelersGBR
34Robert FosterM50Macclesfield WheelersGBR
37Barry GodwinM55BraveheartGBR
56Alastair HopkinsM50Wolverhampton WheelersGBR
57Alice HopkinsWU18Wolverhampton WheelersGBR
10Michael HowardM40Liverpool Phoenix CCGBR
48Terry HughesM60Port Sunlight WheelersGBR
9Ian HumphreysM45Liverpool Phoinex GBR
31Dan HurstM45Ruthin Cycle ClubGBR
35Andrew JacksonM60Macclesfield Wheelers GBR
43Kath KirtonW45Saddleworth Clarion GBR
4Daniel KremerM45Saddleworth CCCGBR
51Ben LambertMSENHoole Wet WeatherGBR
50Dave LambertM55Hoole Wet WeatherGBR
27Steve MolyneuxM50Birkenhead North End CCGBR
40Keith O'GormanM45Chester RCGBR
63Kenichi OkamotoM40Liverpool Braveheart BCGBR
12Steven PeersM45Liverpool Phoenix CCGBR
22Scott PhillipsM45Liverpool Phoenix GBR
14Alan PopeM55Liverpool CenturyGBR
17Anne RadfordW55CTC Chester & North WalesGBR
26Simon RobinsonM45Macclesfield WheelersGBR
54Carol RobsonW50WVCCGBR
55Dan RobsonM50WVCCGBR
41Chris RodenM50AirbusGBR
23Martin RogersM55BNECCGBR
13Lee RoweM40Chester Road ClubGBR
64Colin ShepherdM60Port Sunlight WheelersGBR
59Nic SiddleM70Hoole Wet WeatherGBR
29Philip ThomasM65Wolverhampton WheelersGBR
58Paul TruemanM65Liverpool Braveheart BCGBR
25Jeff VernonM55BNECCGBR
33Fred WardleM60Macclesfield WheelersGBR
36Steve WhittleM50Liverpool Braveheart B CGBR
7Martin WhyardM80Weaver Valley ccGBR
62Dorian WilliamsM45GBR
3Gwynfor WilliamsM45Chester Road clubGBR
6Neil WilliamsonMSENMacclesfield WheelersGBR
21Arthur WinstanleyM60Liverpool PhoenixGBR
19Tom YatesMSENMacclesfield WheelersGBR

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