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(C/C) Scottish Night and Sprint Championships 2019 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=75, Online=100%, Event1=34, Event2=41)

Event 102/02/2019Scottish Night Championships
Event 203/02/2019ESOC Sprint-O & Scottish Sprint Championships

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Times
Event 1Event 2
M16 (1)
76HireJamie GoddardM16FVOGBRtba

M18 (0)

M20 (1)
388003008Alastair ThomasM20EUOCGBRtba

M21 (2)
55TF HireDaniel HallidayM21INDSCOtba
678210793Richard PurkisM21ESOCGBRtba(e)

M35 (0)

M40 (2)
733267David EssonM40GRAMPGBRtba(e)
318030479Will HensmanM40FVOGBRtba(m)

M45 (3)
548221576Alastair DunlopM45CLYDESCOtba(l)
718669946Jason InmanM45FVOGBRtba(e)
78HireRoger GoddardM45FVOGBRtba

M50 (4)
298121166Colin BrashM50STAGSCOtba
408080468Ben StansfieldM50FVOGBRtba(e)
528260165Steve WilsonM50CLYDESCOtba
639005127Terry JohnstoneM50ESOCGBRtba(e)

M55 (2)
191962218David RobertsonM55ESOCSCOtba(e)
68803088Timothy MayM55ESOCGBRtba(e)

M60 (0)

M65 (1)
258300500Robin StrainM65ELOGBRtba(m)

M70 (1)
49151049Bill StevensonM70ESOCSCOtba

M75 (1)
118630894Ian PyrahM75ESOCGBRtba(m)

W16 (0)

W18 (2)
428040302Lizzie StansfieldW18FVOGBRtba(e)
488260802Alice WilsonW18CLYDESCOtba

W20 (0)

W21 (1)
36886758Katrina McLeodW21GRAMPGBRtba

W35 (0)

W40 (1)
728669947Janine InmanW40FVOGBRtba(e)

W45 (1)
171970321Hanne RobertsonW45ESOCSCOtba(e)

W50 (2)
441160769Josie StansfieldW50FVOGBRtba(e)
508240666Rachel WilsonW50CLYDESCOtba

W55 (0)

W60 (2)
268150159Pauline McAdamW60RRSCOtba(m)
468151400Lindsey KnoxW60RRSCOtba(m)

W65 (1)
651220554Rhona FraserW65ESOCGBRtba

W70 (2)
28101248Anne StevensonW70ESOCSCOtba
238628624Sheila StrainW70ELOGBRtba(m)

W75 (2)
67772204Janet ClarkW75ESOCSCOtba(e)
98630897Eleanor PyrahW75ESOCGBRtba(m)

M Open Course 2 (0)

M Open Course 3 (0)

M Open Course 4 (0)

M Open Course 5 (0)

W Open Course 3 (0)

W Open Course 4 (0)

W Open Course 5 (0)

M Novice (1)
131970213Calum RobertsonM10ESOCSCOtba(e)

W Novice (1)
15TF HireMaja RobertsonW14ESOCGBRtba(e)

Men Open (M18-35) (3)
201407013David McPhillipsM18ESOCSCOtba
378003008Alastair ThomasM20EUOCGBRtba
668210793Richard PurkisM21ESOCGBRtba(e)

Veteran Men (M40+) (9)
211411534Michael McPhillipsM50ESOCSCOtba
308030479Will HensmanM40FVOGBRtba(l)
398080468Ben StansfieldM50FVOGBRtba(m)
518260165Steve WilsonM50CLYDESCOtba(m)
538221576Alastair DunlopM45CLYDESCOtba(m)
59660226Alistair HindleM45ESOCGBRtba(m)
629005127Terry JohnstoneM50ESOCGBRtba(l)
708669946Jason InmanM45FVOGBRtba(m)
77HireRoger GoddardM45FVOGBRtba

Super Veteran Men (M55+) (2)
181962218David RobertsonM55ESOCSCOtba(m)
288290460Ian MaxwellM55RRSCOtba(l)

Ultra Veteran Men (M65+) (5)
39151049Bill StevensonM70ESOCSCOtba
248300500Robin StrainM65ELOGBRtba(m)
568632867Douglas HendersonM65RRGBRtba(m)
582036791Patrick SquireM70INTGBRtba(m)
618140452Les SmithardM65KFOSCOtba(m)

Hyper Veteran Men (M75+) (1)
108630894Ian PyrahM75ESOCGBRtba(m)

Junior Men (M16-) (2)
73TF HireSam GriffinM16GRAMPGBRtba(m)
75HireJamie GoddardM16FVOGBRtba

Young Junior Men (M12-) (2)
121970213Calum RobertsonM10ESOCSCOtba(m)
69401777Matthew InmanM10FVOGBRtba(m)

Women Open (W18-35) (4)
35886758Katrina McLeodW21GRAMPGBRtba
418040302Lizzie StansfieldW18FVOGBRtba(m)
478260802Alice WilsonW18CLYDESCOtba(m)
578240892Kirstin MaxwellW21RRSCOtba(l)

Veteran Women (W40+) (4)
161970321Hanne RobertsonW45ESOCSCOtba(m)
431160769Josie StansfieldW50FVOGBRtba(m)
498240666Rachel WilsonW50CLYDESCOtba(m)
74HireDawn GoddardW50FVOGBRtba

Super Veteran Women (W55+) (2)
278260486Eileen MaxwellW55RRSCOtba(l)
458151400Lindsey KnoxW60RRSCOtba(l)

Ultra Veteran Women (W65+) (4)
18101248Anne StevensonW70ESOCSCOtba
228628624Sheila StrainW70ELOGBRtba(m)
608171249Heather SmithardW70KFOSCOtba(m)
641220554Rhona FraserW65ESOCGBRtba

Hyper Veteran Women (W75+) (2)
57772204Janet ClarkW75ESOCSCOtba
88630897Eleanor PyrahW75ESOCGBRtba(m)

Junior Women (W16-) (1)
14TF HireMaja RobertsonW14ESOCGBRtba(m)

Young Junior Women (W12-) (0)

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