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Peak Raid Series Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=49, Online=100%, Event1=20, Event2=17, Event3=31, Event4=19, Event5=19)

Event 1Peak Raid 6 Round 1 (either)Saturday 15/09/2018
Event 2Peak Raid 3 Round 1 (either)Saturday 15/09/2018
Event 3Peak Raid 3 Round 2 Sunday 04/11/2018
Event 4Peak Raid 3 Round 3 Sunday 18/11/2018
Event 5Peak Raid 3 Round 4 Sunday 09/12/2018

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
MU23 (Solo or combined age under 46) (3)
108654197Greg MayMSENTodmorden HarriersGBRtbatbatba
298657523Ben StephensonMSENGBRtbatbatba
31HireAndrew BidolakM45GBRtba

MSEN (Solo or combined age 46 to 79) (7)
2220276Mick HughesM60GBRtbatbatbatba
112120635David ParkinsonMSENPennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
16HireMike BuckenhamM45GBRtbatbatbatba
172133503Andrew SuttonMSENMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBRtba
21790113Mike FergusonMSENYork Alpine ClubGBRtbatbatbatba
238640448Christopher GoddardMSENTodmorden HarriersENGtba
38HireAndy McMurdoMSENPennine Fell RunnersGBRtba

M40 (Solo or combined age 80 to 99) (5)
4HireDave WardM40Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
14HireNoel CurtisM40Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
248628967Richard HuntM40Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBRtbatbatba
2811250Alan Le MoigneM40DVOGBRtbatbatbatba
36HireSimon FisherM45Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBRtba

M50 (Solo or combined age 100 to 119) (7)
51413614Geoff BriggsM55Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtbatbatbatba
8HirePaul RowlandM55Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
182105302Paul TaylorM50Saddleworth Runners ClubGBRtbatbatbatba
20HireNigel CoweyM50GBRtbatbatbatba
258628628Mark ChapmanM50GBRtba
309200019Edwin SherstoneM50Deeside orienteering clubENGtba
32236199Simon CaldwellM55York Alpine ClubGBRtbatba

M60 (Solo or combined age 120+) (7)
31570508Mike KingM60ODGBRtbatbatbatba
129101475Dave MarrM65ODGBRtba
158170252John WilliamsM65Pennine Fell RunnersENGtbatbatbatbatba
19HireRichard ScottneyM65Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtbatba
271396161Peter GorvettM70Dark Peak Fell Runner1396161sGBRtbatbatba
418641519Robert BrandonM65Octavian DroobersENGtba
447209496Roger AshbyM75Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtbatbatba

WU23 (Solo or combined age under 46) (1)
37HireSarah HollenderW40GBRtba

WSEN (Solo or combined age 46 to 79) (3)
22814146Maria DixonWSENYork Alpine ClubGBRtbatbatbatba
34HireEmma TaylorWSENGBRtba
HireKay HawkeWSENGBRtba

W40 (Solo or combined age 80 to 99) (3)
61413606Sue RichmondW40Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtbatbatbatba
33236200Carmen ElphickW40York Alpine ClubGBRtbatba
357007530Anne GreenW40GBRtba

W50 (Solo or combined age 100 to 119) (5)
269170471Moira ChapmanW45GBRtba
1140109Sharon WaggW45GBRtba
39558112Barbara HillsW55GBRtba
40260316Joanna McKendrickW50Goyt Valley StridersGBRtba
43220944Mary EdgertonW55Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtba

W60 (Solo or combined age 120+) (4)
7261833Anne DarlingtonW60Eryri Orienteers (ERYRI)CYMtbatbatba
710528Helena BurrowsW65LOCGBRtbatbatba
13899800Carolyn MarrW70ODGBRtba
42HireChristine BowenW60Goyt Valley StridersGBRtba

Mixed Pair (any age) (4)
1HireSamantha HardmanWSENGBRtbatbatbatba
HireChristopher HerbertMSENGBRtbatbatbatba
9HirePaul HulbertM45Fat Boys RCGBRtba
HireSamantha HulbertW45Fat Boys RCGBRtba

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