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(D) Midsummer on Gower 2018 - 2x2 Relay Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=26, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Team Name Start Time
2x2 Relay (26)
1HirePeter LakeM40SBOCCYMFast and Losttba
347572Frederick LakeM12SBOCCYMtba
2347566William LakeM14SBOCCYMSteady Plodderstba
1978730Kerina LakeW40SBOCCYMtba
31150655Alison SimmonsW60BOKGBRWhat, lost again?tba
1081051John SimmonsM65BOKGBRtba
48657440David PalmerM70BOKGBRLanterne rougetba
1412025Anne PalmerW65BOKENGtba
58190558Steve JonesM60SBOCCYMM & Stba
235518Mike DobbsM70SBOCGBRtba
6342253Christine FarrW40SWOCCYMDougie's Dasherstba
2049784Duncan InnesM55SWOCCYMtba
737705Teresa TurnerW70SLOWGBRSlow Goingtba
37888Charlie TurnerM65SLOWGBRtba
87060257Peter FosterM60BOKENGShouldn't Have Run Yesterday! tba
7570925Jo FosterW60BOKENGtba
92096999David SewardM55SBOCCYMDew its hardtba
333798Anthony DewM40SBOCGBRtba
108641854Peter RibbansM60SWOCGBRSWOCtagonallytba
8628657Kevin BushM60SWOCGBRtba
117992607David MayM70SLOWCYMWye Valley duotba
2085193Anne MayW65SLOWCYMtba
128091172Scott BaileyM45BOKGBRBailey O Klub (BOK :-)tba
8270503Jim BaileyM16BOKGBRtba
138070550John MillsM65SWOCCYMOld SWOCerstba
37858Graham ToughM70SWOCGBRtba

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