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Irish Sprint Orienteering Championships 2017 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=30, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
M10 (0)

M12 (1)
61391159Tivon TynerM12SetantaIRLtba(l)

M14 (1)
1951018Emmet O'CleirighM14AJAXIRLtba(l)

M16 (0)

M18 (0)

M20 (1)
169200753Ruairi LongM18UCDOIRLtba(m)

M21 (5)
17200939Niall McCarthyM21UCDOIRLtba(l)
28378819Eoin McCulloughM213ROCIRLtba
8HireValdas TilunasM403rocIRLtba
248220891Kevin O' BoyleM21CNOCIRLtba(l)
298412461Hugh CashellM21CNOCIRLtba

M35 (0)

M40 (0)

M45 (2)
51391155Angus TynerM45SetantaIRLtba(l)
261970048Nigel PimM45WATOIRLtba

M50 (2)
13HireJames CahillM50AjaxIRLtba
301845179Brendan DelaneyM50DFOIRLtba(m)

M55 (4)
71399420Paul SmythM55AjaxIRLtba(e)
11886726Dave RichardsonM55FingalIRLtba
171006553Mike LongM55AJAXIRLtba(m)
182031824Aonghus O'CleirighM55AJAXIRLtba(l)

M60 (2)
10361705Patrick MurphyM60BOCIRLtba(l)
231399410Senan O' BoyleM60CNOCIRLtba(m)

M65 (0)

M70 (0)

M75 (0)

M80 (0)

M85 (0)

W10 (0)

W12 (0)

W14 (0)

W16 (2)
9HireNicole TilunasW163rocIRLtba
281902818Jordan PimW16WATOIRLtba

W18 (1)
49102793Ciara SilbyW18WatoIRLtba(l)

W20 (0)

W21 (3)
159200754Roisin LongW21UCDOIRLtba(m)
20551095Cliona McCulloughW21DUOIRLtba
25917997Caoimhe O' BoyleW20CNOCIRLtba(l)

W35 (1)
32012503Cathy KennedyW21WaterfordIRLtba

W40 (1)
271973319Jeni PimW40WATOIRLtba

W45 (0)

W50 (1)
141006577Catherine KingW50AJAXIRLtba(m)

W55 (2)
2110888Nora LeeW553ROCIRLtba
221399409Bernie O' BoyleW55CNOCIRLtba(m)

W60 (1)
121399417Anyta RichardsonW60FingalIRLtba

W65 (0)

W70 (0)

W75 (0)

W80 (0)

W85 (0)

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