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Old Sodbury Scramble 2018 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=101, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
5K Run (101)
27James Ashley-SmithUnattachedGBR
49Christine BarrHogweed Trotters GBR
50Ellie-mae BarrUnattachedGBR
47Molly BarrUnattachedGBR
88Karen BatemanHogweed trottersGBR
98Maciej BoguckiRaccoon Racing GBR
40Gary BradyAgony in DefeetGBR
8Ruth BrownHogweed Trotters GBR
9Toby BrownHogweed Trotters GBR
59Paul BuckleyHogweed TrottersGBR
60Shona BuckleyUnattachedGBR
22Laura BuetHogweed TrottersGBR
43Victoria BurchillEmersons Green Running ClubGBR
16Stephen ChurchillUnattached GBR
86Mark ClementsHogweed TrottersGBR
69Sarah ColemanUnattachedGBR
17Bridie ColensoFitquest GBR
82Jessica CollingsUnattached GBR
77Irene CooperHogweed TrottersGBR
52Alex CottrellFrampton Cotterell HarriersGBR
18Ben CryerStanbridge fliersGBR
31Richard CudmoreFitquestGBR
24James CutlerUnattachedGBR
55Jess Cutler-SellersUnattached GBR
74Danielle DobleUnattachedGBR
73Neil DobleUnattachedGBR
76Stephen DracupUnmatched GBR
44Julia DunnEmersons Green GBR
70Benjamin EmmsUnattachedGBR
32Peter EnglandFitquest Running ClubGBR
58Emily FingletonUnattachedGBR
20Beverley FurberFrampton Cotterell HarriersGBR
19Simon FurberFrampton Cotterell HarriersGBR
84David GeorgeWestbury HarriersGBR
4Brendan GriffithsNoneGBR
37Rob GriffithsAgony in DefeetGBR
10Emma HendyFrampton Cotterell Harriers GBR
38Doug HickmanHogweed TrottersGBR
63Kelly HopeUnattachedGBR
95Jill HutchinsonUnattachedGBR
96Mark HutchinsonUnattachedGBR
100Jake JacksonRaccoon Racing GBR
101Jason JacksonRaccoon Racing GBR
56Heather JefferiesUnattachedGBR
42Sally JonesUnattachedGBR
51Mark KenyonAgony in DefeetGBR
45Sarah KenyonUnattachedGBR
81Anthony LangleyUnattached GBR
87John LawsonSouthville RCGBR
97David MalatynskiRaccoon RacingGBR
29Kate MatthewsFitquest Running ClubGBR
46Claire McConnelFitQuest Running ClubGBR
15Paul McCutcheonUnattachedGBR
3Ruth McCutcheonUnattachedGBR
11Hannah McmurrayOld Sodbury GBR
12Leo Mcmurray Old Sodbury GBR
39Simon MorrisonAgony in DefeetGBR
13Caroline NealeFrampton Cotterell HarriersGBR
91Louise NeateFitquestGBR
41Caroline NicholasHogweed TrottersGBR
83Sonia OckwellUnattached GBR
80Roxanna OramUnattachedGBR
99Ian The Gazelle ParfittRaccoon Racing GBR
36Simon ParsonsAgony in DefeetGBR
23Richard PeacockHogweed TrottersGBR
67Andrew PeelingUnattachedGBR
57Emma PlummerUnattachedGBR
85Liam PotterNon AffiliatedGBR
34Debi PowellFitquest Running ClubGBR
30Lynne PrettyHogweed TrottersGBR
28Nick RobertsFitquest running clubGBR
94Andy RobinsonUnattachedGBR
14Maite RocheThornbury RCGBR
90Chris RuncieUnattachedGBR
93Victoria RuncieEaling Eagles RCGBR
35Candice SadyUnattached GBR
66Ian SalvageUnattachedGBR
71Christina SeeCheltenham HarriersGBR
33Bruce SellersBristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBR
79Andy Selway UnattachedGBR
48Sean SheppardUnattachedGBR
92Paul SmardonBristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBR
6Adrian SmithUnattachedGBR
7Dulcie SmithUnattachedGBR
68Kenneth SmithUnattachedGBR
25Kevin SmithFrampton cotterell harriersGBR
21Robert SmithHogweed TrottersGBR
75Emily SpillmanNonGBR
26Hilary SturgeonFrampton Cotterell harriers GBR
1Val SuttonUnattached GBR
64Nicholas TaylorFRCGBR
65Victoria TaylorFRCGBR
5Vicky ThompsonUnattached GBR
62Ian TileyUnattachedGBR
61Jason TinsleySODBURYGBR
54Arno TurnerN/AGBR
89Karen WallUnattachedGBR
53Tracy WatsonHogweed TrottersGBR
72Ian WeaverUnattachedGBR
2Donna WilliamsEmersons green running club GBR
78Anthony WingroveUnattachedGBR

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