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(C) Scottish Score Orienteering Championships 2017 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=77, Online=97%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 05 November 2017

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Emit Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
M10 (3)
7*HireGeorge SetonM10MORSCOtba
48HireFinlay McLuckieM10MORSCOtba
76HireMatthew InmanM10FVOGBRtba

M12 (1)
4*HireMichael BishendenM12MORSCOtba

M14 (4)
18HireFinlay RaynorM14INVOCGBRtba
29HireScott PerryM14MORGBRtba
56HireSam GriffinM14GRAMPGBRtba
69HireDavid SpencerM14MORSCOtba

M16 (2)
39HireJoel GoochM14MAROCGBRtba
75HireLogan McIntyreM16INTGBRtba

M18 (0)

M20 (0)

M21 (2)
1HireScott HamiltonM21MORGBRtba
79HireJack GomersallM21GRAMPSCOtba

M35 (1)
3HireDavid EssonM35GRAMPGBRtba

M40 (2)
50HireWarwick TaylorM40MORGBRtba
57HireAndy MeynellM40MORGBRtba

M45 (4)
30HireStephen PerryM45MORGBRtba
38HireDaniel GoochM45MAROCGBRtba
49HirePeter McLuckieM45MORGBRtba
77HireJason InmanM45FVOGBRtba

M50 (6)
13184443Ade ChapmanM50MORGBRtba
41HireIain ShepherdM50INVOCGBRtba
5290493Alec KeithM50INVOCGBRtba
55HireTim GriffinM50GRAMPGBRtba
61187446Rupert HornbyM50MORGBRtba
68HireJon HollingdaleM50MORGBRtba

M55 (6)
8HireDavid WeirM55MORGBRtba
12HireDavid RitchieM55MORGBRtba
21201771Nick HaleM55MAROCGBRtba
26407647Iain McLeodM55GRAMPGBRtba
63HireSam GomersallM55GRAMPGBRtba
73HireGraham McIntyreM55INTGBRtba

M60 (5)
11HireRobert DalyM60GRAMPSCOtba
23HireCrawford LindsayM60ESOCSCOtba
36HireAlistair ArmitageM60ESOCSCOtba
62HirePaul DuleyM60GRAMPGBRtba
67HireColin MathesonM60MORSCOtba

M65 (5)
16HireDick CarmichaelM65TINTOSCOtba
31412340Robin StrainM65ELOGBRtba
33408624Les SmithardM65KFOSCOtba
35HirePeter HallingM65ESOCSCOtba
72HireGeorge EssonM65GRAMPGBRtba

M70 (3)
15HireNeil McLeanM70MORSCOtba
58HireIan PyrahM70ESOCSCOtba
7890530Ken NaismithM70INVOCSCOtba

M75 (0)

M80 (1)
34400298Douglas MurrayM80MORGBRtba

W10 (5)
40HireRuth GoochW10MAROCGBRtba
42HireLilja GowanlockW10MORSCOtba
43HireLouisa WaltersW10INDSCOtba
47HireKate McLuckieW10MORSCOtba
51HireMatilda TaylorW10MORGBRtba

W12 (0)

W14 (1)
54HireHannah KinghamW14MORSCOtba

W16 (5)
10HireMairi WeirW16MORGBRtba
28HireShauna PerryW16MORGBRtba
5390521Megan KeithW16INVOCSCOtba
65HireJosie GomersallW16GRAMPGBRtba
7090520Jennifer SpencerW16MORSCOtba

W18 (0)

W20 (0)

W21 (1)
27HireKatrina McLeodW21LUUOCGBRtba

W35 (1)
22HireClaire LeggatW35MORGBRtba

W40 (2)
37HireEsther GoochW40MAROCGBRtba
60HireHelen FreedmanW35INDGBRtba

W45 (2)
19HireAlison MathesonW45INVOCGBRtba
46HireMorag McLuckieW45MORSCOtba

W50 (3)
9HirePhilippa WeirW50MORGBRtba
25HireCarolyn McLeodW50GRAMPGBRtba
71HireDenise MainW50MORGBRtba

W55 (3)
14HireCarole ChapmanW55MORGBRtba
64HireLesley GomersallW55GRAMPGBRtba
74HireMorag McIntyreW55INTGBRtba

W60 (3)
2HireRhona FraserW60ESOCGBRtba
20HirePauline McAdamW60RRSCOtba
24HireSally LindsayW60ESOCSCOtba

W65 (4)
17HireTrish CarmichaelW65TINTOSCOtba
32497172Sheila StrainW65ELOGBRtba
44183809Valerie SpringettW65INVOCGBRtba
45410013Margaret DearmanW65MORGBRtba

W70 (2)
59HireEleanor PyrahW70ESOCSCOtba
66HireJoan NobleW70INVOCGBRtba

W75 (0)

W80 (0)

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