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Railway River Run 6K / 11K Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=38, Online=87%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 13 January 2018

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
11K (29)
3Katharine AbbottW45Run4lifeGBR
23Wendy AudrainW60UnattachedGBR
26Tanya Baker-GillW45Nailsea RCGBR
15Jodie BanksWSENUnattachedGBR
9Karla CleverleyW45Almost AthletesGBR
22*Katrina CollierWSENUnattachedGBR
20Laura GajdusWSENUnattachedGBR
36*Alice HardingWU23UnattachedGBR
28Paula HebberdWSENUnattachedGBR
39Reinhard JacobsM65DSC OldenburgGBR
16Helen KirkwoodWSENUnattachedGBR
21Victoria LambWSENNotGBR
11John LawsonM45Southville RCGBR
27Michelle MansonW45NoneGBR
29Richard MarshallM55Running Somewhere ElseGBR
32Eoin McQuoneM45CLC StridersGBR
12Briony MillmanW40UnattachedGBR
34Matthew NaylorMSENUnattached GBR
8Edward ParsonsM60Nailsea Running club GBR
35Keith PascoeMSENUnattached GBR
10Pravanya PillayWSENUnattachedGBR
6Maxine PrydderchWSENNoneGBR
38Michael SchardtM60TG MuensterGBR
4Brian ScowcroftM60UnattachedGBR
24Catherine SheridanWSENUnattachedGBR
19Elaine SmithW60Kingsway runnersGBR
18Samantha SmithW40Kingsway runnersGBR
7Richard ViggersMSENNoneGBR
5Derek WhitingM55Unattached GBR

6K (9)
30*Flic AshfieldWSENUnattachedGBR
33*Matt EvansMSENUnattachedGBR
37Nicala HickenW50UnattachedGBR
25James HopkinsM40UnattachedGBR
1Donna IlesW40Run 4 LifeGBR
2Nikita IlesWU19Run 4 LifeGBR
14Ruth KavanaghWSENEmersons Green Running ClubGBR
31*Ben MitchellMSENUnattachedGBR
13Laura PotterWSENEmersons Green Running ClubGBR

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