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Cattle Country 5K / 10K / Family Fun Runs - APRIL Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=94, Online=87%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 11 January 2018

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
10K (38)
90Kerry BartramWSENUnattachedGBR
14Alison BennettWSENUnattachedGBR
70Steve BurlowMSENUnattachedGBR
9*Julie CassidyW45UnattachedGBR
10*Paul CassidyM40UnattachedGBR
62Donna CawdronWSENUnattached GBR
24Laura CooperWSENStroud athletics club GBR
73Matt CorkishMSENUnattachedGBR
72Tia CorkishWSENUnattachedGBR
26Emily FerneyhoughWSENTewkesbury AllrunersGBR
1*Chloe FrenchWSENUnattachedGBR
58Brad GribbleMSENUnattachedGBR
18Kristina HarrisWSENUnattachedGBR
78Andrew HartleyMSENNorth Gloucester Orienteering ClubGBR
4Richard HoggMSENDursley Running ClubGBR
8*Martyn JonesM45UnattachedGBR
57Amy LanceleyWSENUnattachedGBR
13Meg LucasWSENUnattachedGBR
29Fay LyonW45Tewkesbury AllrunnersGBR
67*Jim MossM60Dursley Running ClubGBR
66*Suzanne MossW40Dursley Running ClubGBR
27Katie ReynoldsWSENDursley Running clubGBR
68Kate RustWSENUnattachedGBR
93Donna SalesW40UnattachedGBR
92Tony SalesM40UnattachedGBR
76Mary SaundersW65Stroud & District ACGBR
39Marcus SmithMSENUnattachedGBR
38Shelley SmithWSENUnattachedGBR
55Melanie SpallW40UnattachedGBR
19Abigail SymondsW45Angels running clubGBR
69Natalie Taylor-PockettWSENUnattachedGBR
7Kate TuckWSEN Unattached GBR
89Rachel WaiteWSENUnattachedGBR
11Steph WilliamsWSENUnattached GBR
12Natalie WoodWSENUnattachedGBR
28Laura WrightWSENTetbury Dolphins GBR
16Elizabeth WroeWSENUnattachedGBR

5K (22)
30Tasha BradleyWSENUnattachedGBR
35Caroline BrittonW40Unattached GBR
83Rachel ColmanWSENUnattachedGBR
51Fionnuala CostelloW40Frampton Cotterell HarriersGBR
80Rachael CullWSENUnattachedGBR
65Kirstie DeansWSENUnatGBR
50*Jo DevineW40UnattachedGBR
86Vanessa EntwistleWSENGloucester North runnersGBR
17*Caro FreelandW40UnattachedGBR
46Sarah HadfieldWSENUnattachedGBR
45Molly HaleWU23UnattachedGBR
44Julia HarrisonW50UnattachedGBR
77Dave HartleyM65North Gloucester Orienteering ClubGBR
79Sue HartleyW60UnattachedGBR
43Yvonne Kelly-FoxW55TFCGBR
42Elaine PreeceW50UnattachedGBR
54Anne-Marie RickettsW50TFCGBR
49Rebecca SmartWSENThe HubGBR
94Katie TeakleW40Unattached GBR
41Jodi ThomasWSENUnattachedGBR
33Sarah Varney-WisemanWSENUnattachedGBR
40Julia WaltersW50TFCGBR

1K (23)
61Ruby Blackwell WU10UnattachedGBR
60Tamzin BlackwellWU13UnattachedGBR
31Maximus Bradley MU7UnattachedGBR
36Molly Britton WU12Unattached GBR
37Ruby Britton WU8Unattached GBR
63Harley Cawdron MU8Unattached GBR
84Noah ColmanMU7UnattachedGBR
74Scarlet CorkishWU7UnattachedGBR
75Tegan CorkishWU5UnattachedGBR
81Elliott CullMU7UnattachedGBR
20Ruby-Rose CullisWU10UnattachedGBR
3*Phoebe DevineWU9UnattachedGBR
21Phoebe-Mae EdwardsWU10UnattatchedGBR
52Katherine GreenWU7UnattachedGBR
59Spencer GribbleMU7UnattachedGBR
47Elizabeth HadfieldWU7UnattachedGBR
6Jensen HoggMU7N/AGBR
23Hunt LexiWU6Unattached GBR
22Hunt SharonW40Unattached GBR
56Reuben SpallMU8UnattachedGBR
95Freya Teakle WU6Unattached GBR
71Cerys WilkesWU6UnattachedGBR
15Addy WroeWU6UnattachedGBR

50m (11)
32Bryher BradleyWU4UnattachedGBR
64Sonny Cawdron MU5Unattached GBR
85Eliza ColmanWU5UnattachedGBR
82Williamm CullMU5UnattachedGBR
87*Isaac EntwistleMU4Gloucester North runnersGBR
88*Zoe EntwistleWU4Gloucester North runnersGBR
53Juliette GreenWU4UnattachedGBR
48Zachary HadfieldMU4UnattachedGBR
5Max HoggMU4N/AGBR
34Alexa Varney-WisemanWU3UnattachedGBR
91*Daniel WalkerMU3UnattachedGBR

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