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Walcot Whopper 10K and Family Fun Runs Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=31, Online=81%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 07 December 2017

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
10K (29)
1*Jane ButlerW50UnattachedGBRtba(e)
2*Keith McAndrewM45MudstacleGBRtba(e)
3*Iain WhitakerMSENUnattachedGBRtba(m)
4Jane CookW55UnattachedGBRtba(e)
5Paul ButlerM55UnattachedGBRtba(e)
6*Nicki CarrW45UnattachedGBRtba(e)
7John MitchardM50Team Bath ACGBRtba(e)
8Sarah MitchardW40UnattachedGBRtba(m)
9Laura ChiversWSENKingswood TriGBRtba(e)
10Gary ChiversM40Kingswood TriGBRtba(e)
11Julie CassidyW45NoneGBRtba(e)
12Paul CassidyM40NoneGBRtba(e)
13*Joanna FlattWSENVegan Runners UKGBRtba(m)
14*William HardingMSENUnattachedGBRtba(m)
15Sarah EvansWSENUnattachedGBRtba(e)
16Mary DunnWSENUnattachedGBRtba(e)
19Natalie EadesWSENEmersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(e)
20Joe RadfordM40UnattachedGBRtba(e)
21Zoe Verrier-StuntWSENUnattachedGBRtba(e)
22Simon WeaverMSENUnattachedGBRtba(e)
23Adam WeaverMSENUnattachedGBRtba(e)
24Gareth WeaverMSENWeston ACGBRtba(e)
25Matthew SchofieldMSENUnattachedGBRtba(m)
27James RogersMSENNBRGGBRtba(e)
28Mick RileyM50UnattachedGBRtba(e)
29Jo Johnson-TaylorWSENSouthville Running ClubGBRtba(e)
31Christopher BrownMSENBitton Road RunnersGBRtba(e)
32Andrew HartleyMSENNorth Gloucester Orienteering ClubGBRtba
33Pauline GibbsW45UnattachedGBRtba(e)

1K (1)
26Grace SchofieldWU10UnattachedGBRtba(e)

50m (1)
30Jessica CrickWU3UnattachedGBRtba

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