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(C) Lossie Forest Regional Start List

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Emit Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Brown (1)
28HireJon ShepherdM50INVOCSCOtba

Blue (8)
1HireAlasdair RaynorM16INVOCSCOtba
9408247Donald GrassieM60MORSCOtba
12HireFiona NewcombeW45MORGBRtba
14HireColin HallM50MORGBRtba
15HireMairi WeirW16MORSCOtba
31HireKirsty McArthurW21MORSCOtba
32HireColin McArthurM21MORSCOtba
34HireKenneth AndersonM55MORGBRtba

Green (7)
2HireFinlay RaynorM14INVOCSCOtba
3HireAlison MathesonW45INVOCSCOtba
4HireDenise MainW50MORGBRtba
13HireRhona FraserW60ESOCSCOtba
16HireHannah KinghamW14MORSCOtba
26HireKevin HollidayM45INVOCGBRtba
27HireOscar ShepherdM14INVOCSCOtba

Short Green (4)
5HireDavid EssonM35GRAMPSCOtba
6HireDavid RitchieM55MORSCOtba
10408981Oonagh GrassieW60GRAMPSCOtba
11400298Douglas MurrayM80MORSCOtba

Light Green (1)
17HireAmanda KinghamW50MORSCOtba

Orange (6)
18HireHelen ThorleyW40INDSCOtba
19HireSimon ThorleyM50INDSCOtba
20HireKian ThorleyM12INDSCOtba
21HireToby ThorleyM12INDSCOtba
22HireLauren ThorleyW10INDSCOtba
33HireSara AndersonW50MORGBRtba

Yellow (6)
7HireMichael BishendenM12MORSCOtba
8HireMatthew BishendenM10MORSCOtba
23HireLilja GowanlockW10MORSCOtba
24HireLouisa WaltersW10INDSCOtba
29HireAndrew SetonM10MORGBRtba
30HireGeorge SetonM10MORGBRtba

White (1)
25HireFrancie MeynellW10MORSCOtba

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