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Munster Orienteering Championships 2017 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=46, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Near  
Entry No. / Name
Start Time
M10 (0)

M12 (2)
81391159Tivon TynerM12SETIRLtba(vl)
432076363Artur IskrzyckiM12CSOAIRLtba(m)

M14 (5)
3051018Emmet O'CleirighM14AJAXIRLtba(l)
412076361John SpelmanM14CSOAIRLtba(m)
422076362Sean HennessyM14CSOAIRLtba(e)
442076364Sean FrazerM14CSOAIRLtba(e)
452076366Stephen RuddyM14CSOAIRLtba(e)

M16 (6)
20HireAonraoi MullenM16WEGOIRLtba(e)
352012532Cathal LaneM16CorkOIRLtba(m)
362076251Sean KelleherM16CSOAIRLtba(e)
371601993Aaron CoughlanM16CorkOIRLtba(m)
391092002Darragh HoareM16BOCIRLtba(m)
407186832Cian HorganM16CSOAIRLtba(m)

M18 (1)
342012528Dan McDonnellM18CorkOIRLtba(m)

M20 (1)
149200753Ruairi LongM18UCDOIRLtba(m)

M21E (3)
18413461Darren BurkeM35CorkOIRLtba(m)
24868060Kevin O' BoyleM21CNOCIRLtba(m)
268300476Killian BrennanM40CNOCIRLtba(ve)

M21L (2)
98646166Agris KraminsM21Cork OIRLtba(m)
331621991Brendan WallM21CorkOIRLtba(m)

M21S (0)

M35 (0)

M40 (1)
51399667Donal MurphyM40BOCIRLtba(m)

M45 (1)
71391155Angus TynerM45SETIRLtba(vl)

M50 (2)
41845179Brendan DelaneyM50DFOIRLtba(m)
17HireHenry MullenM50WEGOIRLtba(e)

M55 (4)
6361727Terry LeyM55BOCIRLtba(m)
111006553Michael LongM55AJAXIRLtba(m)
271399420Paul SmythM55AJAXIRLtba(ve)
292031824Aonghus O'CleirighM55AJAXIRLtba(l)

M60 (3)
159031956Andrew CoxM60WatoIRLtba(m)
231399410Senan O' BoyleM60CNOCIRLtba(m)
311401408Liam O'BrienM60CorkOIRLtba(m)

M65 (0)

M70 (1)
251001Donal BurkeM70CorkOIRLtba(m)

M75 (0)

M80 (1)
16631406Frank MartindaleM803ROCIRLtba(l)

W10 (0)

W12 (0)

W14 (2)
102045659Zane KraminaW12Cork OIRLtba(m)
21HireBlaithin MullenW14WEGOIRLtba(e)

W16 (0)

W18 (2)
19HireSaoirse MullenW18WEGOIRLtba(e)
321401406Norah O'BrienW18CorkOIRLtba(m)

W20 (1)
25917997Caoimhe O' BoyleW20CNOCIRLtba(m)

W21E (1)
139200754Roisin LongW21UCDOIRLtba(m)

W21L (0)

W21S (1)
282012588Elaine SheridanW40CorkOIRLtba(ve)

W35 (1)
3HireMaja DrapiewskaW35WEGOIRLtba(m)

W40 (1)
38220500Claire O'BrienW40CorkOIRLtba(m)

W45 (2)
18HireEmer DurkanW45WEGOIRLtba(e)
461399665Fiona O'RiordanW45CORKOIRLtba(m)

W50 (1)
121006577Catherine KingW50AJAXIRLtba(m)

W55 (1)
221399409Bernie O' BoyleW55CNOCIRLtba(m)

W60 (0)

W65 (0)

W70 (0)

W75 (0)

W80 (0)

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